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To be intrigued 

The passing of time continues in a never ending continuum of love and loss. The years past are distant memories that have faded to glimpses into a soul dripping into an abyss of emotion where time and space are one … Continue reading

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It’s kind of funny. As my stock of coffee filters gets lower and lower, I have about 2 weeks worth left, I begin to think of all the stuff that’s happened over the past 200 days. That’s been many many … Continue reading

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October 2016 update

Yesterday was my Master’s birthday.. it was nice. We rang it at midnight while we were at Busch gardens, tampa. They have a scary Halloween celebration called Howl-o-scream. We went through six haunted houses. One was awesome. It is called … Continue reading

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When did you know?

Its so funny looking back five years ago.  I didn’t know what a sadist was or a masochist. I never heard of BDSM and never even considered that a different life existed outside my little vanilla World.. So, I was … Continue reading

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My “Ass”

I’ve been absent. I know this more then anyone. It’s been a smooth ride, between there and here. Subtle changes going unnoticed while big things tether us even close. I am very reliant on my Master. There’s been comforts and … Continue reading

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Birthday tidings

My birthday is counting down. 2 more days. I’ll be turning the big 39. OMG.  Lol. My thirties are winding down. All in all, this has been a good year. For my birthday, Master is taking me to the Florida … Continue reading

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Service vs. Serving

Hello WordPress world and all the lovely people reading. My absence has been kind of surprising to me. I looked back on my last post and it has been about 2 months. Things have been rolling along. Which is good. … Continue reading

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