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Total Eclipse of Life

So the total eclipse just happened across the U.S. but I was not in the 80 mile swath where it was a totality. But was still able to view it up to 85% coverage. Millions of people drove and flew … Continue reading

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Definition: “the state of being private and away from other people”.  That’s probably not the right word I want to use. I keep going back to the bubble idea/theory. If you’ve read my past blogs or ones of my Masters … Continue reading

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Hiding in plain sight

The thrashing of life covers the trail of tears  Hiding inside my own fears of loss or the unwanted emotions capturing the moment One moment in time defining the next move One word, an unspoken thought, a neglected care.  Closed … Continue reading

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So, I’m here

Good afternoon.  I’m here in my little world. Sometimes I wonder if my world is too little. My world is safe. My world is secure. The bigger your world becomes the less your able to assume that drama will be … Continue reading

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To be intrigued 

The passing of time continues in a never ending continuum of love and loss. The years past are distant memories that have faded to glimpses into a soul dripping into an abyss of emotion where time and space are one … Continue reading

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It’s kind of funny. As my stock of coffee filters gets lower and lower, I have about 2 weeks worth left, I begin to think of all the stuff that’s happened over the past 200 days. That’s been many many … Continue reading

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Learning, leaning and Listening. 

A behavior, an embrace, and an action.  Learning generally requires listening but what about leaning. What if your not leaning on another but instead leaning on your own inner strength. The term leaning may generally be taken as a way … Continue reading

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