She Space

I have a little space. One that I can use when needed and it’s coming together quite nicely. We call it my She Room. It’s the back enclosed porch. It’s under the roof of the house and is encased with vinyl windows. So although it doesn’t have a vent for the AC/ Heater I can open the sliding door and plug in the portable heater. In the coming summer months, I would like to get a portable AC unit or just turn the ceiling fan on high with the door to the house open.

In Florida, 60 degrees to us is chilly so I’m sitting in my She chair with the heater humming next to me. This evening I moved books around and filled up my bookcase we purchased through Facebook a couple weeks ago. I also have a desk and chair for times when I want to study. The room has an undertone of a peacock theme. My mom bought Master two peacock statues but they are just too pretty to be put outside in the elements. So, they are taking up residence in my she room.

There is still a ways to go but I’m pretty content with where it is right now. It’s a process and a journey that I don’t mind taking.

Now, Master is able to come and explore my She Space at anytime and I welcome that. Some mornings we sit and have coffee out here. In my vanilla life, prior to Master, I always had a place to contemplate, write and just be. A place where I wasn’t thinking about all the To-Do things and my responsibilities. The She Space is a place where I can be surrounded by the things that I love. A soothing peaceful place.

I’m an emotional high maintenance woman. Although I don’t need material things, I do need quiet time. I need time to recharge and just Be. So this space allows that. And for that I am grateful to Him for allowing the space and time.

We had a good New Year’s Eve celebration and still have tomorrow left before starting the work week Saturday.

I wish to all of you joy, peace and love everyday of 2020.

Thank you

~ arianna

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4 Responses to She Space

  1. Xtac says:

    After being told what furniture you can sit on, or not, that is quite a change. Everyone needs a little down time though.. nice to have a space for it.

    The peacocks amuse me. Do you think your mother was aware that in many parts of the world the peacock symbolizes royalty and power? Perfect gift for Vile.. even if she didn’t know that.

    • vilesarianna says:

      If I may Sir, you may be making some assumptions. Just because I did not cover restrictions and protocols concerning this particular space does not mean there aren’t any. My body is not my own but my Master understands that my mind needs time to heal and become whole. Surrounding yourself with healing energy is great for the soul. It just so happens that this energy is concentrated into a space utilized with a designated chair where I can drink herbal tea, listen to Pandora, write a blog, or get ready for teaching the next MAsT class or organize my thoughts so that I can become more productive.

      Concerning the peacocks, it’s been a long standing joke between my Master and my mom. He kept threatening her that he was going to release live peacocks on her farm to terrorize her by their loud noises. So, eventually after moving into the suburbs the joke dissipated. But she thought she’d give him a pair back.
      They were meant for the yard but as you might understand from the photos the aluminum wouldn’t hold up through all the Florida seasons and sun.
      I have a thing for peacocks and fairies. So the She Room has peacock colors. It’s a soothing room where my mind can take the time it needs to heal me emotionally and spiritually. My Master is ultra supportive because he knows I live for him. This is something that he was able to allow me to do to recharge so that I might serve him with even more devotion.
      Just because I claim it to be a She Room does not mean that I take ownership of it. It’s a label and only that. Just like Master has a He Room which is the dungeon.
      I do not have free reign over that area or any other area. I still must adhere to the house rules and given permission for practically everything, for it is still a privilege and not a right.

  2. Xtac says:

    Not having free reign is more like I would anticipate.. based on the last few years of blogs. I would love for you to write on the levels of control you have had, wanted, achieved, and what levels you may still want to explore.

    I didn’t know that peacocks could be loud. Something that beautiful, you would expect to come with an equally soothing voice.

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