So….Misguided Confidence?

Welcome to home ownership. Lol. Yes, full fledged home responsibility. Thought we had it covered then BAM, here we go. $$$$$

Had to replace the entire AC unit. Yes, lots of $$$. It’ll be completed within the next couple weeks. We weren’t too concerned with the first diagnosis of the AC because that would’ve been covered under the home warranty, But second diagnosis was not covered. Which one was right? Well, the first technician was fired 14 hours after he left our house for whatever reason. The second technician I watched like a hawk and understood the diagnosis and how he came to that conclusion. It’s a leaky line set. The pressure dropped a lot just within 15 minutes. That means there was a leak somewhere underground. The coils weren’t showing any signs of a leak. So instead of paying for a new line set out of pocket plus trying to find the old R-22 Freon and paying for that too, we decided to upgrade the 20 year old system because it’s just a matter of time before something else went wrong with it. So $$$$. But, we did feel like we are getting a lot for our dollar. We bought a Trane unit through a reputable company.

Tonight we have a MAsT dinner in town. Should be a good time. My Master is still recouping from price tag shock. Hopefully this will increase the value of the house. We aren’t planning on moving anytime soon. Lol.

So that’s that. Much love.


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5 Responses to So….Misguided Confidence?

  1. Kathy L. says:

    Welcome to home ownership. It’s nice to have your own home but it sucks because you have to pay for things that break.

  2. mhhomes says:

    I’m glad to see you still love your home. I’m a Realtor in Ohio and I hate seeing buyers/homeowners have an issue with their home right after purchasing!!! I was wondering, did you have a home inspection before you purchased and was the AC marked as needing repaired?

    Matt –

    • vilesarianna says:

      Yes we had a home inspector and he said that everything was in working order. Thank you. He missed the sprinkler system too. There were two zones not even working.

      • mhhomes says:

        Well no one is perfect but with the AC being 20 years old he should have warned you about issues that come up with a system that old.

        I hope nothing else comes up and I wish you the best!

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