Missing Baking Dish

Our house. Our new house, At least to us it’s new. Built in 1999. Bought on November 15, 2018. Moved in a week ago today. Sure, there have been some pitfalls but as I look around I realize that this is home. This is where and when we set our roots. Moving is awful, the act of moving. The packing and storing, the disorganization and the never ending things that just can’t seem to fit into a category and fill a box. Does everyone have a crap drawer in the kitchen? One that is a catch all. I mean where do we put stuff that doesn’t have a place? Worse yet, where do you put it when you move so that you can find it again? 🙂

So, we are missing a baking dish. Our 9×13 inch baking dish. A simple dish. Bought from IKEA several years ago. I’ve looked through boxes and stashes. Looked through piles and under things. Our garage is a disaster but we are getting there. Work on it a little each day. Our house, our home. Who knew that Master could pull all of this off. Six weeks exactly, that’s the amount of time it took from seeing the listing to signing the papers. No money down and seller paid for repairs. We really got out good on it. Who knew. When Master Vile puts his mind to something he does it. We hadn’t even looked online for any more then a week, seriously. At first glance, I wasn’t in love. No fence for our dogs and it’s a two bedroom. No and no. But, for Master Vile he had in his mind Yes and Yes. His two requirements were met- gas stove and beautiful floors.

We actually viewed it the following day and put a contract in on it. First house we saw but Master Vile knew that this could work and be our home. Our realtor suggested a letter along with our contract to the seller. This letter basically said why we would make good home owners and how we would take care of her home. Lol. This later becomes a big coincidence because as we have come to learn she did not have home maintenance on her priority list.

She received 6 offers and two of them included letters, so she said. I’m not sure why she picked out contract above others. We are in a hot market. Especially in our price range, it’s hard to find a decent place that doesn’t need a lot of attention. Well, our home doesn’t require A LOT but it’s in need of serious TLC. We were able to get 2% of the purchase price towards repairs. Which we have used plus more but it’s nothing we didn’t have a clue about except for the AC. That was a little bit of a surprise. Thank goodness for home warranties. Although, our home inspector said things were running fine, two days after moving in- no AC. Hmmm. Well this is a bit of a conundrum. Thankfully it’s cool outside and the humidity has been in the 60-70’s.

So hopefully that’ll be fixed Monday. They already sent a guy out. Our handy man contractor was on drugs or something. He ended up finishing kind of but not before his deadline. The movers were great. The actual move of the “stuff” went smoothly. Really, I have no complaints. Would we recommend our contractor, no. Not really. But so far his work was ok. His price was fair, we think.

So, the problems we had earlier in the week have sorted themselves out. Cable, irrigation, laundry issues, and shower issues. All resolved. We just have the AC left. So, things are good. Life is good. It’s homey and will continue to fit us more and more.

Through this whole process, the highlights will remain positive even if there was some negative. Who am I not to learn and put on my rose colored glasses. Why not look back on this experience in a positive light. We have so much to grateful for. I would do it all over again.

So that’s my week. I went back to work today after being away for 9 days. Things were good there too. Thank you for listening.


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8 Responses to Missing Baking Dish

  1. Littleone says:

    Love it!

  2. Cinn says:

    Congratulations! It looks beautiful ❤️
    Love the chandelier

  3. Beautiful home. Live well and be happy

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