Arianna’s take on anal sex

Some things are just meant to have a commentary. I’m giving my take on my Masters blog on ‘ The Kinky World of Vile’ from his January 6th blog titled, Anal sex and submission.

So, during our negotiations my Master did ask me my thoughts on anal sex. It was a need for Him. I said that I didn’t mind it, especially if done slowly it can be downright enjoyable. I do believe that it is a very submissive act. For myself, it puts me in a loss of control head space. Meaning, that I do not control what’s going on.

My Master has needs and I am here to fulfill those. He mentioned in his blog about ATM. For those who are scratching their heads, it stands for Ass To Mouth. That’s not my favorite but I do not classify it as scat play. Some may but I don’t.

My Master has given so much of himself that my thought is, a little ass play isn’t going to do me harm and it brings him much pleasure.

So my take, lube is best and I feel spoiled if he goes slow. But ultimately this isn’t about me. It’s about His needs and wants and these were agreed to over 5 years ago.

Thank you


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9 Responses to Arianna’s take on anal sex

  1. Ass to mouth as in his ass or yours?

  2. Reblogged this on thekinkyworldofvile and commented:
    My slave gives her opinion on Anal sex.

  3. Dom Sub Living says:

    Wonderful post and my thoughts are actually very similar to yours. Anal sex puts me in such a submissive state. I lose all sense of control and I am at the complete mercy of my Dom. Vile is very fortunate to have you.

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