One down, one to go. As we end the fall season and begin the last month of the year I just wanted to give a shout out to those who have been wondering where I have been. I started this blog in the hopes that I could give a different perspective to my Master Vile’s blog. But he writes, I read and although I like and absorb I don’t have a blog of my own to give a slaves perspective.

My life is good. My sister sub has been awesome. Our home is peaceful. No fighting. No arguing. It’s our safe haven. And, of course my Master Vile is phenomenal. I couldn’t ask for a more understanding person to share my life with.

So there were many things to be grateful for this past thanksgiving. I do feel blessed. My sister sub is awesome. Oh. I already said that. She decorated our tree. Looks great. She got ornaments and I got ornaments and viola beauty ensued.

It’s Masters favorite color, purple. She has an artists touch.

We’ve all been communicating on an elevated level. Every day we sit down and just talk. This is in addition to my Master talking to me every morning on my way to work. This communication really goes a long way to defer any issues before we have issues.

It’s been five years since Master and I met. We actually found some of our first correspondence emails. It was amazing to see that we really didn’t change our views after all this time. We are who we are even at the beginning.

This was our first Christmas together five years ago. Aren’t we cute. 🙂

The holidays are special because we are family. The three of us have grown together over this past year. We signed another years lease which starts in a few days.

Last year was the first Christmas that we officially shared as a family.

So here we are. Our second Christmas officially. Woohoo

Holidays are for enjoying what you have. And we have a lot of love and caring in our home. I’m so grateful. I don’t want to say I’m looking forward to the new year because each day is new. I’m not ready to not enjoy the last 30 days of 2017. Thirty days of togetherness before a new year. Why rush it?

In closing, I’d like to blog more. I’d like to share our lives. You’ll be hearing from me again.

Much love


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4 Responses to Holidays

  1. Sierraskye says:

    Our second Christmas as a family. That’s so beautiful, because its the family that we have all chosen, and I feel grateful for each of you. I also feel I have been blessed with an incredible sister sub. You have taught me so much and have set such an excellent example for me to follow. And Sir is a man I have truly grown to trust and respect. Thank you for giving me a place in your family. I love you both.

  2. dievca says:

    Happy, Healthy Holidays! XO
    (Mmmm- can I tease V. about the Army and hair length? (wink) He wears it well.)
    Arianna and your Sister look lovely.
    Ps. Great Army/Navy game yesterday in Phillie.

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