Total Eclipse of Life

So the total eclipse just happened across the U.S. but I was not in the 80 mile swath where it was a totality. But was still able to view it up to 85% coverage.

Millions of people drove and flew hundreds of miles to see something that may only happen once in a lifetime locally. So, this got me thinking. People are eager to see a sight or experience a situation in order for it to be a life changing event. The spiritual experience of witnessing history but I think most miss the point, even myself at times. We create each moment of our lives which we can define whether they are life changing or not. What about a smile from a stranger? A giggle of a baby? These could change the course of your life. For instance, a smile from a stranger can turn into a conversation where they have a relative that ends up being the love of your life. The example of a giggling baby could spark an interest in starting a family of your own or maybe give you back your innocence of your childhood dream that you had long forgotten through the perils of life.

My point being that as humans, in general, we tend to look ahead for a starting point, a jumping off of sorts. These moments don’t have to be fleeting or evasive. These moments can occur daily with each sunrise or with each kiss from a loved one. These are moments to be remembered. Not just the BIG once in a life time but remembering that no one moment can be recreated. The river of life continues to flow and dipping our toes in we will only feel each one drop of water just once. Meaning moments, even the tiny ones will never be recreated. They are once in a lifetime.

This is important to remember because I tend to rush time, thinking that the moments are too mundane, too common, and played over too often but in essence that’s not the case. The case is made in the present moment where we can examine what defines us.

My birthday is just around the corner so it’s automatically a time for me to evaluate what worked and didn’t work this past year and what the best year may look like for me. We don’t have any big problems. And I’m continually grateful for our circumstance is good, no matter how stressed out I get or how often I escape in my head, I know that things can always be worse. We are blessed beyond measure because our battles are winnable. I still carry the innocence of a life of love and the belief that good still conquers evil. I believe that things happen for a purpose but it’s just so hard sometimes to step aside and let the calm flow of life lift me above the horizon, out of the depths of my despair where I can view the moments as they are without defining them according to my impatience.

I’m a perfectionist. A Kind of contradiction in life. I believe that things happen for a reason but I rush those things to happen without knowing the consequences or the true reason so how do I determine whether it’s a good or bad thing. Wait… patiently wait… will it happen on its own. In the quiet moments I can believe this but in the chaotic mess of my mind I believe that I control the future which causes anxiety. Haha. Do I really believe that? Sounds silly doesn’t it but I know I’m not the only one in this world who does that.

Life happens. We all can agree on that. Good or bad, life happens.

Enjoy the journey.


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6 Responses to Total Eclipse of Life

  1. naughtynora says:

    I enjoyed reading this post, vilesarianna! Appreciating the little things is greatly satisfying 🙂

  2. Sierraskye says:

    I just read your most recent blog, Leticia. I’m grateful for them because them always make me think, and start me on my own voyage of discovery. I’m thinking about our many peaceful moments, and how I don’t have many anxious moments or a chaotic life. Our own attitudes have such a huge affect on how fearful or frightening or how joyous and amazing our lives can be. I want to chose the latter. I want to chose to enjoy the small and quiet moment as well as the more momentous. I’m honored that I get to be part of your life right now.

  3. Xtac says:

    The questions you pose in your last paragraph, you answered in all the preceding.

    It is by knowing that the laugh of a child, like the eclipse, is a once in a lifetime event, never to be repeated in quite the same way.. and so we should embrace each moment with equal joy and awe at the wonders large and small around us,

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