Definition: “the state of being private and away from other people”. 

That’s probably not the right word I want to use. I keep going back to the bubble idea/theory. If you’ve read my past blogs or ones of my Masters then your familiar with our bubble concept. Our bubble is an oasis in the waters of life where I can feel safe and removed from the drama, where the focus is intensely on Master. 

Some days I need the bubble. Actually, more often then not. I don’t need the daily grind of work, dinners and various responsibilities to get in the way of the laser focus. 

I’m going to take a different approach now.  My Master and I were having our morning conversation when the subject of intimacy came up. Not sexual intimacy but the light hearted kind.  The kind that is playfully lustful.  We have different view points of how we view each of our roles. Master believes that His slave should show adoration. It’s the physical touches. I believe that the slave requires permission to touch. I guess it’s keeping my Master on a pedestal. Look but don’t touch is reserved for things that are irreplaceable and rare. 

My first Master was a hands off kind of person. I was led to believe that this was all Masters truth. I have realized that no two Masters are alike but I think I linger on the old philosophy of needing permission. I figure that if they want it, they’ll take it. I know giving brings satisfaction too. I think there’s a deep imbedded yearning to be taken. But the fantasy isn’t going to satisfy both parties. Not that my fantasy is a priority. I think there in lies another aspect, it’s Masters fantasy that defines the course of actions. This was an ephinany when defining the power exchange relationship so why should I be surprised that it would be the same in the physical aspects. Masters needs supersede any thought of going against that due to my own definition of how the relationship should look. 

So I have homework.  


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9 Responses to Seclusion

  1. Very interesting maybe I have homework

  2. Reblogged this on thekinkyworldofvile and commented:
    Very interesting thoughts from my slave. Check out her blog

  3. Xtac says:

    I believe in the power of touch. I believe that a person who loves you, wants to touch you and when they are displeased with you they do not want to touch you… but and here is the thing.. pushing past that displeasure to a warm embrace tends to overcome the past. Touch excites, and heals.

    I believe in the power of touch so much, that require my slave to be touching me when ever she is close enough to do so. Its rule one. Thighs, hands, or cock worship, she must be touching. I own her body. She worships mine. I may do as I please with my property. She shows devotion and desire for my body at every opportunity.

    If I may offer a suggestion. If it is Masters pleasure for you to touch…. It may help to think of touch as worship, instead of some sort of expression of possession – which of course you should never allow to creep into your thinking. How we frame our thinking on a thing can make all the difference.

    • vilesarianna says:

      Thank you for your comment. I wasn’t brought up equating touching with loving. I show my love and adoration in other ways. This is a long seated learned behavior. It will take time but as long as I stay conscious I will get better at it. As each dynamic is different so is ours. Although for your slave, you may not let her allow “possession” thinking, ours on the other hand allows for such. My Master finds it flattering when I am possessive although I do not equate my feelings of such as a right but rather an allowance. But I do agree that the framework of thinking makes a huge difference.

      • Xtac says:

        I understand the attraction to allowing a slave possessive language. Allowing being the key word. In legal terms, I suppose it would be privilege, rather than a driving. I find the different ways we approach Ds, the thinking we put behind our approach, to be a constant source of fascination.

  4. I happen to agree with you. I think if Sir desires something or anything from His property, He should make Himself perfectly clear what His needs and wants are. This includes the desire for touch. I wasn’t raised in a time/era/family when people touched one another to express love except parents to children, or husband to wife or vice versa. Now people are much more open but I’ve never been comfortable with it. Sir is a toucher. I am learning after all these years to give Him the pleasure of touch, as it should be, but what if I choose to touch Him (hug, sensual kiss, even further) when He returns from an errand, and I don’t realize it, but He’s in a very bad mood from something that occurred outside the home? I would not want to anger Him by choosing an inappropriate time for my actions. I think it’s up to Sir to choose (and let me know) the proper time for touching.

  5. Bibi says:

    I know this an older post but I just wanted to commend my admiration for Master Vile and Arianna. Have been reading your blogs for a while and sincerely enjoy and identify with your writings and musings. I am a 24/7 Slave to my Master here in the UK. 5 years. Please keep writing and best wishes. Bibi

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