Hiding in plain sight

The thrashing of life covers the trail of tears 

Hiding inside my own fears of loss or the unwanted emotions capturing the moment

One moment in time defining the next move

One word, an unspoken thought, a neglected care. 

Closed eyes only see the light. 

In the darkness, comfort is found. Like a silent pounding, hidden beneath. 

A heart rests. A mind is silenced. For one moment. 

Truth is spoken. Words Daring the chance of change. 

Through the inhalation one can go deep inside where there is a flutter of hope, a shadow, a hint of what that is felt will be gone with the next exhale. 

A memory of life gone by. Glimpse of the current dreams, goals, longings. Dare we feel those brief invitations. 

For my seclusion, I hide in plain sight. 


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