So, I’m here

Good afternoon. 

I’m here in my little world. Sometimes I wonder if my world is too little. My world is safe. My world is secure. The bigger your world becomes the less your able to assume that drama will be absent. 

So, my world consists firstly of my Master. He is my main concern. It’s easy for me to put family second due to not being close to family save for my mom. We have a relationship which is as close as I can get. That’s another story in and of itself. I love my mom and on this Mother’s Day there’s nothing but positive thoughts of her. I’m cooking for her tonight. Chicken ravioli carbonara. Hopefully, it’ll come out good. Never had it before. The pic looks awesome. Not to toot my own horn but i hold my own in the kitchen,  Mainly due to the fact that I can decipher recipes and add a little to them or substitute this from that. I don’t like not having a recipe as a base. Master on the other hand likes to wing it. Most of the time it turns out really good. He’s the grill a God. Lol. 

I don’t have many hobbies. When I get free time I tend to visit my “other” mom. Who lives two hours away so it’s a full day. Or, I like to piddle around at our local goodwill, decorate my calendar or make cards. Although, last night I spent about an hour painting on my paint by numbers. It’s a really pretty pic. Big. About 17×14 or something like that. I didn’t measure but it takes up a bit amount of space.  

So, I stayed home from our coffee group this past Wednesday night. It’s kinky coffee. We go most weeks. It’s a time for my Master to get out and socialize although no one is really into a power exchange dynamic. My Master and L went. They don’t get to spend alone time together so it was a good opportunity for her and for myself to get a little time to work on a project. Master gave me a task to make a karija dress. It’s a pretty simple thing. No pattern needed which is good because the extent of my sewing skills are pillows, curtains, and a quilt. I’m halfway finished. He gave me a deadline of July 1. That seems like plenty of time but I just don’t get spare time when I’m not tired or when I’m actually feeling creative. For those who aren’t familiar, I work full time outside the home and maintain the home too. Although L is a big help. She’s the main reason why I can have creative time. It’s hard bough seeing someone do chores and me sit and do nothing. We’ve tried it different ways but time is our enemy. It doesn’t help that I need an early bedtime of 8 pm. I need as close to 8 hours of sleep. I wake at 3:45 am. This allows time to enjoy coffee with my Master and L. They both arise with me and we have time together for about 30 minutes. Usually both go back to bed. First L does once she says good bye to me at the door, then my Master talks to me on the phone during my morning commute and then he hopefully gets back sleep by 6 am. I clock in at 5:45 which is worth it to miss rush hour. What takes me 25 minutes in the early morning would turn into an hour by 8:30 am. 

My job is pretty physical. Last week when I had one of our areas that requires a lot of walking I put in over 17,000 steps. Doesn’t sound like it would be too difficult but there’s other stuff that happens to. I won’t go into details because I don’t really want work to read this blog and if for some chance they do I don’t want to be talking about my job in a way that could give out non public information. 

My days are filled with work mostly. Then it’s hard for me to relax when I get home and there’s always something to be done. L thinks I can’t relax. I haven’t learned to do nothing if she’s there. She cleans really well and cooks good too. But… if I leave something to pick up later she gets to it before I do. So, sometimes I feel like things need to be accomplished so she doesn’t have to. L works but not full time although she gets paid well. I’m happy that she is able to visit family and friends. She’s a lot closer to her family then I am mine and she has made a big sacrifice moving in with us because now her family is 90 minutes away. I’m hoping to stay where we live for another year once our lease is up although it’s hard on her. After that then we can move closer. We are spoiled though. Fenced in yard, garage, and a big place plus our own washer and dryer and irrigation.  That was important because I needed one without an agitator. In the apartment I had to wash my delicates in the bathtub because the washer would eat stuff. Now I have a gentle cycle without an agitator. Whoop whoop. It’s the little things. Lol.  Master has his own office and L has her own room. She sleeps in there and has her stuff in there. We don’t have a king bed so our sleeping arrangements are separate. She will snuggle with me at night before Master gets off of work. It works for us. 

I don’t talk to much about L. Maybe because there is no need on my end. She writes in her journal and it’s nice when we share. It opens up deep conversations. It’s important to answer questions as they come up because we interpret things differently. I mean, when there’s another person in the mix more things need to be considered when living together. There’s a whole separate set of wants, needs, emotions and expectations. We don’t argue and have yet to have a disagreement. She’s very passive. That’s one reason why it’s important to continue to share our feelings. I don’t want to inadvertently hurt her. I do get a little weird sometimes. I’m still learning. I grew up by myself save for my mom and usually I’m alone with my significant other so it’s an adjustment.  The thing to adjust to is another person not necessarily L. L is the most laid back, non aggressive easy going person I know. I can’t say the same for me. Lol. She’s challenged by living with me.  😉

So. That’s it in a nutshell.  I’m here. Just living. Looking forward to our rainy season although not to work in the rain. We are in a drought. Unusual for us. 

I’m babbling. My lunch break is over. It’s been fun. 


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10 Responses to So, I’m here

  1. naughtynora00 says:

    I enjoyed reading about your life, vilesarianna! Thank you for babbling, as you put it 🙂

  2. Sierraskye says:

    You make me smile, and I love you…just sharing my feelings!

  3. Xtac says:

    Wonderful update, thank you.. About this.. But… if I leave something to pick up later she gets to it before I do.

    My Dad when he was alive, wanted to come and help at the house, but I never let him.. I could handle it.. and then one day someone taught me something. I had to let him help.

    Sometimes when we let others do for us, we are giving them exactly what they need..And here is the other half of that is, the one who gets the work, sometimes needs to thank the other.

  4. missagathaarmstrong says:

    I do so love when you write x be well Dear one x

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