To be intrigued 

The passing of time continues in a never ending continuum of love and loss. The years past are distant memories that have faded to glimpses into a soul dripping into an abyss of emotion where time and space are one of the same.  

Being pushed past the brink of forever into a never yielding time of soul searching. Soul longing. Soul intrigued.  

With eyes closed one can envision a time of color while in the blackness. Of life within the desert.  Of love within the emptiness. Never before has the mind been so powerful as in its ability to create in the dark. In the empty pages life springs forth. To be torn away. Discarded. Following examples set forth by the elders we stay within the reach of invisible boundaries. Breaking free only to be snagged back into the routine of life with eyes wide open but in the dark, yes, in the dark we can create a new reality. 

Breathing in the air of today so we may exhale the breath of tomorrow. Tomorrow. Ha. A broken dream. An unrealized reality. The oxymoron of an enlightened soul. Can the soul ever obtain enlightenment? Isn’t the soul forever longing to become an ascended being. To grace the gates of heaven or to become one with the vast goodness of the Mother, or whatever beloved or feared power you believe in. Fear.  Such a powerful emotion. It can bring the great to their knees or rise up the smallest among us. Fear. Used since the beginning of time to conquer our souls. To enslave our minds and to encircle our loins in an invisible bondage to be broken only through the freedom of choice.  To choose to break the mold. To become free from others only to be enveloped with a nudging of longing for something more. 

The stiffness of solidarity. The softness of easing into flight. These are the things that intrigue me. 


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13 Responses to To be intrigued 

  1. Mindfump says:

    Really enjoyed the journey in this post – thank you.

  2. oh. this is deep.
    It’s the journay, not the destination. Hmm. Good thoughts to think on.
    Thank you.

  3. Xtac says:

    Truths spoken in enigmatic, almost poetic form.. beautiful! Maybe our souls do long to become an ascended being.. or maybe their longing is not so unlike we who are incarnate. We are forever battling the desire to have we think we lack, when in fact, we have everything we need right here if we can only awake to the truth of it. I will need to read and absorb and come back to re-read. Some truths awaken others.. Namaste.

    • vilesarianna says:

      Thank you. I hope you have a fabulous day. I take advantage of my moods to write because it teaches me when I go back and read also. It gives me a snippet of my soul at times where verbalization of my feelings are harder then writing them.

  4. Xtac says:

    Not so different from what I call “my muse”. Those times when answers just flow forth and you need to capture them or they are lost.

    • vilesarianna says:

      Exactly. Maybe not so much answers for me but definitely capturing the fleeting moment. The thought process is quite beautiful when uninterrupted and unfiltered both grammatically and politically. And one of the reasons why I learn from my own writings because I let it flow without editing or rereading until I’m finished. Thank you.

  5. Lovely and poetic – this stirs deep feelings and a sense of yearning. I sense continued growth and some yet to come. After all, life is a pathway; a journey. We travel part of it alone and part with others. If we are lucky we find like-minded or kindred spirits along the way. Enjoy your trip… may you be blessed with much love and happiness, and less sadness and grief.

  6. This piece is stunningly beautiful and extreamly well written, thank you fir sharing it! Pixie x

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