Learning, leaning and Listening. 

A behavior, an embrace, and an action. 

Learning generally requires listening but what about leaning. What if your not leaning on another but instead leaning on your own inner strength. The term leaning may generally be taken as a way to negate your own personal responsibility but it can also be used as an anchor, a balance of sorts, kind of like a tripod being more stable then using just two anchor points. 

I generally lean on Master but in times of absence I lean back on my own learning from him that I obtained through listening. 

Listening in a tpe (total power exchange) is an active action. It’s not passive. It requires all different senses in order to truly absorb the meaning intended. Not that my Master is unclear but I would miss the subtleties that could easily go unseen in passive listening.  This creates a immersion learning experience even when words are not used.  


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2 Responses to Learning, leaning and Listening. 

  1. Xtac says:

    Even outward inaction requires the inward action of thought. Wonderful reflections, thank you.

    • vilesarianna says:

      Thank you.. I usually don’t save posts as drafts because they usually flow but this one was started then saved.. it was hard to try to finish the thought, hence the shortness of it. But, thank you for your like and comment.

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