So…. I learned a new term today, YOLO. It’s not new but it’s new to me. The saying isn’t but the abbreviation is.. I asked around at work too see if others were more in the loop then I and I found that over half knew and used that word.. what is it? Well… you’ll just need to read on, if you don’t already know and if you do, you’ll be humored by my innocence. 

YOLO.. will be the theme of my 40th year on this planet. It makes me smile. What a great thing to live by but it can also be used as an excuse to live recklessly. I will choose to use it in times where I need encouragement, an insight, or just to remember how fantastic life has been. I mean, overall. My struggles have paled in comparison to others who wake up everyday to a new battle. I’ve had heart break and sickness and health. I’ve had times of prosperity and times of need. I’ve had my dreams shattered and I have been the shatterer of other’s dreams. I have run the course of the common dilemmas of childhood, of which I may soon go into more detail in another post. 

I have seen many things and sometimes wonder what this next decade will hold but if I keep YOLO in mind then it makes me smile at the prospect of having more adventures instead of struggles, having more joyous memories instead of regrets and having opportunities instead of finding dead ends.. 

YOLO.. ready… here it is….

You Only Live Once  and what a once it can be.  I don’t want to be scared. I don’t want to live out of fear. I want to grab life by the horns for the ride that gives happiness in abundance.. I don’t know what this next year, next decade, next day will bring but… I’m grateful because


Till next time,


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5 Responses to YOLO

  1. Xtac says:

    I have entirely the same philosophy but for radically different reasons. It pleases me to know that you have found a means to happiness.. I can’t think of anything that could enrich your life more, and by extension therefore, the lives of those around you.

  2. I have to say that YOLO has been one of those things that has annoyed me. It is usually a reason to live recklessly or do stupid things. But I love your take.

  3. Mel & Suan says:

    YOLO does not have to be negative from our perspective. There will be things you want to try at least once (and that should exclude substance abuse). It can be the “mundane” such as flying first class around the world, or ambitious such as climbing the 7 peaks of the world. We can think of YOLO as a way to build memories that we take along with us in this journey called life.

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