Lately, I’ve come to explore the art of caring and the dynamics of which established relationships produce the mutual feeling of loving one another through acts of kindness.  My Master had a surgery a few weeks ago. He had to get almost 30 stitches to close the wound this resulted in a lot of pain and many uncomfortable and long nights of sleeping in the recliner when the bed wasn’t an option for him. For the week that he had to sleep upright, I was right next to him on the couch. This wasn’t something he required but something that I had no thought of not doing because I am here to serve and through serving I have the opportunity of caring. 

Can there be servitude without caring? I believe so. This would be based more through serving from fear of retribution then for the personal reward of giving happiness to those who were served. Thankfully, I do not serve out of fear. I serve because my Master has my respect and has given much to see me through. He was there for me when others failed to understand, maybe not through lack of caring but through ignorance or denial.. 

Caring, the word that can engulf a lifetime of selfless acts and self reflection. To say, “I care”, should not be thrown into the wind. The importance in this fast paced world to slow down and really empathize with another.. 

Could we say that caring may be just as important as loving? If our life is affected then we should care, but what about when circumstances don’t affect you but you still show you care. I think that’s when the true identity of self kicks in. It’s much harder to care when our life’s schedule is unaffected. We would have to step out of the box and extend ourselves. Being a slave, my thoughts alone, I am solely focused on my Master. Others come second. He is my family, my friend, my husband, my team, my back up, trusted companion, and my owner. I guess too, that’s where I differentiate from a lot of others. We live in an owner/property mentality not only of Master and slave.. the difference? For myself, it’s a little more formal, strict, final. 

But, back to caring. I think that caring comes in all shapes and forms. I am pretty selfish when it comes down to it. I’m not going to deny it. I’m selfless in my One whom I have devoted my life to but would that be totally true? I feel indebted so I must have gotten a benefit from my servitude. Of course Master gives a ton of himself, daily, hourly. So.. could I really say that I’m selfless in my servitude.. I reckon not. 

Looking back over my life, I am looking out for those who are important to me.  I am caring but only to a select few. I care about some causes and such. But truly evaluating the core of my devotions and I come up with selfish reasons. I am no Sister Mary. Is that easy to say? It’s not hard because I’m not here to take judgement to heart. I’m here because it helps me work through some of my thinking. I enjoy reading others blogs although sometimes I am a quiet bystander. We are all human, one common ground. Some of us more caring then others. It’s all on a continuum, A sliding scale and circumstantial in nature. 

There’s no huge ah ha moment here. Just a steady train of thinking before bed. 

Thank you and have a good night. 


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7 Responses to Caring

  1. I hope He is doing better.

    Hope you all are doing well.

  2. This is awesome thank you

  3. Selina says:

    You both are such a blessing to each other that you make my heart smile. I’m glad that he is doing better and that you were able to be with him and care for him. I can’t even imagine how stressed you would have been if you hadn’t been able to.

  4. dievca says:

    Heal well, Vile.
    You can love and you can care — the act of caring is selfless, love can be selfish sometimes. When M. was in the hospital, I came, I sat, I held his hand, I washed him, helped him walk, I crawled into bed to hold him through the pain. He would say, “go home, take care of yourself” – and I would, until the next day – I always saw the relief in his eyes when I arrived. He’s put the experience of almost dying out of his mind, I remember every detail. But, he does know I care- selflessly and I love – selfishly.
    I’m sending love and appreciation to you, the caregiver. Sometimes their service is lost. Yes, I know you don’t need appreciation to serve. But, it doesn’t hurt to be acknowledged now and then. XO

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