Never be

I’ll never be someone who doesn’t notice the sunset or follow the path of least resistance.

I’ll never be a hole that cannot be filled.

I’ll never ask for more than I myself cannot give and I’ll never take for granted the love that has been bestowed on me.

I’ll never be an occupation distanced from the life I live and I’ll never be a cocoon that cannot feel the sun.

I’ll never be a porcupine with spikes that prick the flesh and I’ll never be the distance between the oceans set.

I’ll never be the one who calls out on my own and I’ll never be unloved and distanced from the other hearts around me.

I’ll never be able to rhyme all my words that flow and I’ll never be able to please all the people I adore.Because there is just me and I alone to be please because I am a product of my mind and my feelings I do accept and take responsibility for.

I’ll never be the one who tells you to do the same but I pray that you can feel the peace that comes with the realization that you are not responsible for thoughts, feelings, or emotions except your own

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