I met a buffalo today

I heard a buffalo today.
I took notice of its heart.
He spoke of the beat of the native drum,
Of how the prairies sang their song.
 He remembered the wise ones,how they embraced and nurtured.
He told of the ancient ways, And the smell of sage.
The youngsters had no fear and stood proud, They beheld the inspiration of their fathers And the gentleness of their mothers. They trained in the ways of oneness.
Where are you going so fast?,The buffalo asked. Do you not know,you have already arrived? Behold the tales of old and how they ring so true.
Our hearts tell no lies.
Listen to the beat of the Earth. She is speaking to our souls.We long for the connection and dream of days gone.
I saw a buffalo today
And what a beautiful sight.He spoke of his dying heart. And all I could do was listen
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One Response to I met a buffalo today

  1. dievca says:

    Drove through a Buffalo Preserve in Oklahoma — amazing animals. Majestic.

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