Looking back, looking forward. Trying to see over the chasm between the past and the future is where I try to reside. In my canyon, where the shadows dance on the land. Dipping into the crevices, spreading light into the hidden aspects, uncovering desires and ambitions. Peeking through the curtain of doubt is where I reside.
Contemplating the past, imagining the future. Trying to stay in my present chasm. Reaching on my tip toes at times while crouching down other times.

People , places hold my attention for a blast of a moment. The endearing looks can turn into a questionable realization that in all actuality we are not the same. Is our interpretation even close? Friends? Can this chasm be shared. Will one be able to see the positive in my darkness without being engulfed in the same chasm that I find comfort in?

Contemplating, imagining, reaching. Will this turn into grasping at thin air as my sunset shadowed walls disappear? The night, the quiet being replaced by morning light. In this chasm I can see, I belong. Always have. Isn’t that what people do? Living in our own chasm? Caught between that tiny instance that we call the present moment? The fading light, ever present with the sun shining brightly directly overhead at the most unpredictable times. What about the thunder?

My favorite. The drops of cleansing rain can turn into a turbulent torrential wash out in my chasm but still I grasp to the walls. What else can one do but to stay in our chasm? Our own present moment.  Thunder rolling in the distance. Beautiful. Flashes of lightening bring memories to the surface only to be hidden again in the shadows of my canyon wall..

I can imagine the beauty that the panoramic view might give. I cannot see the whole in my chasm, am I supposed to? I think not. But I bet at the end it becomes a beautiful movie, giving meaning to all the thunder, rain, lightening and especially the sun that played with the shadows of my chasm wall.

At the end, meaning becomes known. Till the end, trust.. in oneself, in whatever power gets you through.
Beautiful chasm.

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One Response to Chasm

  1. dievca says:

    You are feeling so deeply with these past posts. Amazing.

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