The subject has come up. Sometimes a connection is there and sometimes it seems forced.. with Master and I there was an instant respect from me. His energy was/is of confidence which I immediately respected.

It’s also with meeting others, vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.. whatever the label is.  There’s a universal energy that attracts people, an aura if you will.  I believe this.. I’ve experienced this. I’ve seen this.. 

There’s an awesome experience when meeting a fellow energy on the same wavelength. I’ve had this happen recently. It’s a girl.. don’t know to much about her as a person. We just met a couple months ago but I’m fascinated. Like she’s so familiar and I keep trying to place it. Lol.. I just can’t help being intrigued. She doesn’t try. I don’t try. It just is.

So it’s nice and refreshing. I don’t want to analyze anymore. I Think I’m tired.     Lol..
Just more wanted to say hi..

On another note. Things are well with Master and I. We are at karaoke right now. So…  Life is good.

I don’t write about life stuff.. but I have them to. I’m not perfect.. I strive to serve to my best of my ability. Today I left work 5 hours early because my mom had called the ambulance for herself. I met her at the ER. She’s under observation.. should be OK. She’s in good hands. I left after she was settled after her dinner, meds, and stuff. I was there 10 hours..  I was still wearing my work uniform at 7 pm. That was a long time. I put it on at 4 am.. lol… And..  I forgot my deodorant. Luckily it was cool outside and the hospital was cold.. so today wasnt the greatest but it could have been much worse. It can always be worse. There’s just some things that put everything in perspective. This is one of those times. I’m good. We are good.
And the life connections continue.

Thank you.

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1 Response to Connections

  1. dievca says:

    Hope your Mom was o.k. It’s a worry, huh? when they get older. Don’t worry about the deo…I know nurses/docs/patients smell a lot of ripe things throughout the day. Your deo cannot compete…XO

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