Service vs. Serving

Hello WordPress world and all the lovely people reading.

My absence has been kind of surprising to me. I looked back on my last post and it has been about 2 months.
Things have been rolling along. Which is good.

I wanted to try and figure out in my head the difference in being of service and serving. I think that there is a difference.

Being of service reminds me of having the availability to serve. It feels compartmentalized. It feels that there is a beginning and end. A time frame set aside. Maybe like a sub. Still having terms defined by those previously agreed upon.  Maybe it could mean being of service as in chores, tasks, and accomplishments.

Serving to me, is the act of serving. Not only being of service and available but giving of oneself with a purpose. Its a 24/7 thing. Serving is putting anothers needs in front of your own wants. Taking that extra selfless step. Its in those tough times when your tired, overwhelmed, and/or feeling less then submissive that serving can really shine. I mean everyone can be of service when they’ve gotten enough sleep and feel energetic but what about serving when you just want to curl in a corner and pull the covers over your head? What about serving when you’d rather order pizza but a homemade Meal would be more appreciated?

Say for instance tonight, I had hamburger patties in the frig, which is Master’s favorite comfort food, I wanted to make a great dinner. My body was saying no and my mind was saying, omg, can I really do this? I was fighting with my internal self. There were options but I wanted Master to really enjoy dinner. So, I buckled down, took one minute at a time and even through my frustration and almost tears, I put a good dinner on the table. Did master demand it? No.. But my need to serve overrode my body and internal battling. Does that make sense? Lol. I wouldn’t feel that deep satisfaction if I bowed out and ordered pizza. Instead, I made My Master smile. He Truly appreciated and I was able to eat a wonderful homemade meal that I could be proud of because there was a reinforcement that, yes, I am a slave. Serving when its inconvenient and serving when I’m not at my best.

So, in short, there are 24/7 slaves who are serving when its not fluffy or sparkly. Its in the trenches. Its decisions and commitments that moves the submissiveness forward.

Have an awesome day.

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7 Responses to Service vs. Serving

  1. Tom Wolf says:

    Very good depiction of the differences, miss Arianna… Your description summarizes your attitude of servitude very well, Master Vile is a fortunate man indeed, miss Arianna…

    -Tom Wolf

    • vilesarianna says:

      I appreciate your comment. I am fortunate also to also have a Master who truly understands my in’s and out’s, up and downs and truly appreciates everything I do.

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  3. PresentlyMyself says:

    Hello Arianna,
    I am a reader of both Master Vile’s blog and yours and as much as I enjoy his blog, it does at times get repetitive. And though you often go for periods of time without writing, I find when you do you always have something pertinent to say… guess I wanted to let you know I appreciate you.
    Now, for my comment about this post – as I was reading I kept having the thought, “how much like what a parent (nay mother?) of young children goes through!” Which made me think….there was a time when it just wasn’t as simple as ordering a pizza. Cooking dinner was the norm, not the special occasion and it was just expected. (And all parents know what it’s like to come home, be exhausted and cranky and yet have to deal with getting children to bed etc…) Perhaps if it had been appreciated then as it is by Master Vile now it wouldn’t have been brushed off as “women’s work”, or shunned by “liberated women”. Maybe if the choice to marry and serve continued to be appreciated rather than taken for granted more marriages would stay together…. Okay, sorry for the ramble. Thanks for what you do.

    • vilesarianna says:

      My Master’s blog has over 1000 posts so I don’t doubt that some things are emphasized over again.
      Thank you for the encouragement and comment. You are insightful. I’m not a parent and so I did not correlate the 2. I can see some similarities between parenting and serving. Although there would be a distinction between serving and parenting in that I choose to hand over my life to another adult, not out of obligation at all but through need. In my servitude I thrive on the letting go of responsibilities. The only thing I have to focus on is Master and he takes care of the rest. Children rely on their parent while Master relies only on understanding my needs.
      I know you were not drawing the conclusion of my Master being like a child at all. I just got to thinking.
      Considering the fact that back then it was considered wifely duties to take care of the family, I don’t have those because my needs are not my own. They are intwined with meeting my Master’s wants.

      Some parents do that also but the adult is capable of taking care of themselves while being a caretaker is a stress in itself because you, in essence are taking on the role of a Master by making decisions that affect them. I don’t make the decisions. Wow. I may have to write another blog.

      Thank you for your insight. Again, I understand that you were not correlating serving an adult being like taking care of a child but it gave me an avenue to think out loud. Looking forward to thinking about this more.
      I do agree that appreciation plays a large part.

  4. dievca says:

    I wrote this on Mynxie’s Reblog — adding it here:
    As a submissive who is not in a 24/7 arrangement — I find myself serving by anticipating needs and seeing to what needs to be done. It gives me joy (and sometimes frustration because I cannot let things go in my head when I cannot be there to help~) I cannot be in “submissive” mode at all times, so I consider my actions “giving”. It’s knowing M. needs new polos and I’m by Brooks Brothers, they are on sale, good price – I check-in with him and buy three. It’s a pain because I don’t like the store, I’m tight on time and M. would never know if I didn’t do it, but it is my gift and joy to do it. It’s in my dna.

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