Part 2: My submission is a gift

This is an updated version of my writing i did over a year ago called , my submission is a gift. In that first writing, i was still pretty new to my current dynamic. As time has gone by, my submission is defined in more explicit terms. Mainly, i would like to add that as with any gift, one does not have to keep giving in order for the recipient to recieve it. It’s a one way transaction. I gave, my Master recieved. It does not continue to be given because it was once And for all.

As with most gifts, one does not expect to get it back nor does one expect something in return. I’m grateful that my Master takes my health, both mental and physical, into consideration when he accepted my gift. I trust that he will continue. As with most owners, one does not want to break their toy but one has to consider internal enslavement. That the conditioning over time gives way for the slave to see no other option except to continue to serve the one she had submitted to.

So, some would argue that is not a true gift because the submissive requires something in return, an exchange. But for myself, At this point in my life, and for as far as i can see, i belong to one. I am his property. I gave my longings, my needs, my wants, my desires, my trust and myself over to my Master. I trusted him from the beginning. Now, i am a devoted servant. I am indebted to my Master because he is the one i serve. I am enslaved and forever changed. Something that cannot be quickly undone, a conditioning of the trust sense. As more time goes by the thicker the chain becomes. I am here for one purpose, and that is to live a life pleasing to Master. He decides what i am, what i do, what i like, how i serve and how i live.

To me, this is my slavehood. This is my purpose.



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3 Responses to Part 2: My submission is a gift

  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on thekinkyworldofvile and commented:
    This is something my Slave Arianna wrote about her Submission
    You can tell Opposites attract
    Part 2: My submission is a gift

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