Finding oneself

I came across this on a blog i follow. A woman is in the process of finding herself.  Instead of me continuing taking up her space on her blog,  i thought I’d write my own response in a blog format. 
Is finding oneself truly a search or is it an acceptance?  I believe the latter. If it tended to be a search then that would mean you would need to be lost.  Can one really lose themselves?  I believe you cannot.  You are always you whether it’s the grandest version of yourself or not.  You are the product of your emotions,  thoughts and actions among other things.  History cannot be rewritten.  You are here,  now. Now is the only thing we have. The future will always be just within grasp but never to be taken ahold of.  The past is fleeting. The only concrete thing we have is this millisecond. Oops. That one is gone already.
The struggle,  if you’d like to call it that is to BE in the moment.  This moment. This millisecond.  If we think of it as a challenge then the moment is already gone. The troubles come when we try to envision what we Should become. Or regret what we were. This takes energy and thought and keeps us off kilter in time because we are not present. Each moment is an opportunity. Sometimes we fall short.  Sometimes we exceed our greatest version of ourselves. But the version of ourselves is not the same as having a vision of oneself.  A vision is a wish. A version is an option. A vision deals with an ungraspable future.  A version is a choice in this moment. 

Just my thoughts.  Thank you for sharing so many of your moments with me. 
Take care


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2 Responses to Finding oneself

  1. toraprincess says:

    This really hit home. I really need to accept who I am and just be in the moment. Stop the searching and figuring out the next step.

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