My “God”

I sometimes feel like I’m not me. Like,  when i read older posts on my blog i usually think,  wow. I wrote that?  Not that nothing is true but it’s the fact that i impress myself. Lol.  Does anyone else feel that way about their writings?
i usually start with a title and go from there. Today though,  I’m just at a loss. I want to write something profound.  ☺
I want to have anyone read this be able to relate or learn. I want. …
And the list goes on. Lol.
Pretty much though when it boils down to it,  I’ll do what comes natural and let the universe tale care of the rest.
The universe.  I use that term because I’m not a godly believer. I have strong opinions about religion and most are SO not popular. I certainly don’t think that my way is the right or only way but it fits me. I’ll deal with whatever consequences in the after life if I’m totally off base.
I’m not here to argue or being into this post heated discussions. But i am reflecting on religion this Easter eve.
At work,  there’s an annual sunrise Christian service. There’s about 2500 people that show. It’s open to the public. It’s a pretty service. It’s outside and faces the east so it’s a very real sunrise. It’s really weird to have Christianity right there so close to work. I applaud my company for making a stand. It could always back fire and turn customers away but so far over the decades they have held their ground and made Christianity apart of the holiday season. Even putting together a nativity scene with real camels.

Anyways. I’m getting off track. Oh yeah. So I’ve been reflecting about me being in the minority,  religion wise.  Lol.  Actually life wise too because not many people live a 24/7 tpe relationship. Micromanaged at that. It comes so natural to ask to sit. To ask to go to the bathroom,  etc.
So. . I was joking with my Master and said that i was going to blog about how he was my God. I know that he’s not perfect but i believe that he would move heaven and earth to make sure my needs were taken care of. He may not have created Light but he has been a beacon in my life. He may not have performed miracles but in my life he picked me up and dusted me off when
others just passed by.  He saw the need in me that wasn’t being met even though i couldn’t really articulate what those were.

So. . Not to offend anyone but i live to serve a creation and not The Creator. It’s my calling per se.
He takes good care of me. The best care I’ve ever had and for that i strive to be there and fulfill his life.
I “pray” that i do a good job.  For i am “blessed”.
Thank you and enjoy your holiday.


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3 Responses to My “God”

  1. dievca says:

    Whatever you believe, whatever you need is your choice. Not mine nor someone else’s. You are the one who has to see yourself in the mirror and say, “I live true to myself”. And it seems you do ~ live true to yourself.

  2. Arianna is correct we are not religious. How ever we do live a good life. I or we live by the truth . We treat others as we would want to be treated.
    We are in a good place

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