The Touch

The longing. The breathless hold. Finally-the touch. The  pleasure comes in waves. Pushing out my thoughts of doubts and clutter. Concentrating on the moment, the touch. The littlest moan escapes as all focus is centered on – the touch.
Master, Thank you.
I adore your touch. I long for your touch. The feeling of being found in a sea of chaos. The feeling of total submission. The totality of my desires aligned with yours. Taken, without a doubt of being Yours. Continually and always.
The reassurance through- the touch.


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2 Responses to The Touch

  1. Lady Virtue says:

    I believe touch is so very necessary in our lives from birth until infinity. Bonds are built thru loving and cherishing touch more than anything else because you can feel extra special when you get to touch someone physically or spiritually. Touch does not only increase our love deeply, but it can also encourage someone to be who they truly are and were always meant to be.
    Touch has a healing power within and your words deliver this message beautifully.
    Lady Virtue

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