The next chapter

36 hours and counting. That’s when we will be moving to our new place. I got the keys yesterday and have made a couple trips with smaller things. Tomorrow is tying  up loose ends and making one last trip.

So. .this is the next chapter of our life. I don’t want to move anytime soon again so I’m hoping this will be our nest for several years. At least a handful. 

It’s hard saying good bye to comfortable surroundings. Familiar places. Set routines.

Master and I have high expectations of what this chapter will bring. The new place is only 6 years old. Beautiful. Big. And it’ll have a cheaper electric bill. Less gas for my commute. Less wear and tear on our vehicles. AND I’ll now have a dishwasher. Garbage disposal and ice maker. Woohoo. 

Our next chapter consists of continuing to defer to Master for all guidance. Having his word the last. Trusting that he will act in a responsible way. 
Although he does love to embarrass me in public. When the time comes to put up, he’s there.

So the next chapter still has several aspects of the previous. Some things are just meant to stay the same.


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4 Responses to The next chapter

  1. dievca says:

    A Fresh start and being force to go through your things and clear out. Good Luck.

  2. hispetitelle says:

    Have a good and safe move. Congratulations on your new place.

  3. Best wishes to you guys!!! Very exciting 🙂 And a dishwasher, very lucky girl!! 🙂 lol

  4. Im sure Sir Vile has taken care of everything and the move will go smoothly. I know the now shorter commute will be such a blessing for you both.


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