To delight to discover to deny

To escape time is to wonder endlessly down a path of forbidden pleasure.  Leaving doubt by the wayside one may become concerned with consequences of yesteryear.
To become an indescribable being,  to be told what cannot be.  To conquer one’s own fantasies.
Endure reality.
To make believe the depth of the galaxy.  The latitude of desire.  The in comprehensive need.  The calling of the ages.
The loudest voice in the distance becomes our whisper of hope.
To indulge in oneself and satisfy an eternal longing.
Painting a picture of tomorrow.  Borrowing a canvas.  Indebted to one’s own
Pleasure. .

Let go. …
Hurt profuses the pores.
Skin deep exploring the recesses of an abyss.
To discover the plateaus and climb
To conquer
To defeat
Life’s yin and yang
Opposing views
Peace inside



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