Aristotle defined man

Taking a quote from the author Osho in his book,  the man who loved sea gulls. 

“Aristotle has defined man as a rational being, man is not rational; and it is good he’s not.  Man is 99% irrational; and it is good that he is because through irrationality all that is beautiful and lovely exists.  Through reason,  mathematics; through irreason, poetry. Through reason,  science;  through irreason, religion.  Through reason the market,  the money,  the rupees,  the dollars;  through irreason love,  singing,  dancing.  No,  it is good that man is not a rational being. ”

i believe that i am very irrational in a good way though.  Under the rationality of living day to day there is a secret door that i enter.  A door that leads into the imagination and the crevices of my mind.  In that place i find my submission.  I find the longing to serve.  The need to open my life up to another. The need to bow down my head and down cast my eyes in respect for the one who leads me.   The one who cares and the one i submit to. 

My poetry,  my song is my shared life as a Slave. My endurance through my tasks and protocols yields great rewards. 
Rewards that are far reaching into those crevices and dark places and shine light into my soul. 

In a day and age where history is unappreciated and gadgets take president. Art is losing ground. The hope of culture lost.  In this day where following ones heart can yield unwanted results it takes strength to take that step and trust yourself.  Just because your heart might have given you false hope does not mean you should turn your back on your irrational  reasoning.  Because like the quote states,  through irrationality all that is beautiful and lovely exists.  Hold onto the faith that you may have lost the battle but you will win the war.
Faith, the substance of things hoped for,  the evidence of things not seen.


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