My submission on those days

Dear readers and myself.

Its funny. I always start my posts with a title and no clue what the content will be. Not until i begin writing and sentence by sentence develops into a paragraph.  Amazing development right before my fingertips.

Last night, Master and I concurred that today would be a nice day for me to skip work. You see, i am quite spoiled. My job gives me boocoos time off. It helps that ive been there just shy of 15 years. I have 5 weeks vacation.  2 weeks of holidays and 6 days of sick time. Lol.
Evil grin. All paid time off. I do work holidays if they fall on my normal work day. But this year because they all fall on my day off. Woohoo. Holidays this year are mine baby..

So today we got to sleep in until 730 am. Beats the 340 am that we would have had to get up. First thing i did was to surprise Master by getting ambitious. I set up his new aquarium for Him. Its a 55 gallon and has been setting empty in his office for a few weeks now. He was debating about whether to set it up because of us moving soon. But… alas.. i didnt want him to see it empty any longer. So i planted it. Transfered our fish from our 16 gallon and filled it gallon jug by gallon jug. All 55 gallons of it although it was probably more like 47 gallons because of the displacement of water by the bottom sand.
Needless to say.. Master is thrilled. It does look awesome if i do say so myself.. pat on my shoulder.. Lol

I’ve got Chili in the slow cooker and have been waiting on Masters wants and needs through out the day while he trudges through his work hour by hour. So ive got to wait another hour before he gets off. Bummer. Ive had a hard time entertaining myself today. I’ve watched my episodes of project runway that i was behind on. Surfed fetlife. Texted with my mom and twiddled my thumbs. I didnt us enough to set up my sewing machine to make pillows although in hindsight that would have occupied my time.

My submission evolves around my Master. He is my life. Without Him i am lost. Call me codependent but it is a life i choose. And… on days like these its a reminder of how intwined my submission is to him and our lives together.


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5 Responses to My submission on those days

  1. Glad you had a great day off :). I definitely look forward to my days off as well, as I get to serve Sir all day :). Being owned and knowing you are making Him happy is the best feeling in the world. 🙂

  2. dievca says:

    Actually, it sounds like you had a lovely day. (And the first thought I had about the fish tank was “Aren’t you moving?”). Ever practical… XO

    • vilesarianna says:

      We still have time before we move Although the countdown is on. To see Master smile and to feel his excitement is worth the extra work to break down yet another aquarium and rebuild it after we move. His hobby is so important to him and it gives me the greatest pleasure to be a part of it. Thank you. Dievca.

  3. BoPeep says:

    How utterly lovely. Sounds a bit like my day yesterday, cooking and cleaning, setting the table just right, while DMW was out working in the cold. Having a beautiful table for him and enjoying a tasty hot meal was a great way to end our weekend.

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