Master’s new 55 gallon aquarium



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6 Responses to Master’s new 55 gallon aquarium

  1. BoPeep says:

    Oh your tanks are beautiful, how will you move them all?

    • vilesarianna says:

      Hopefully we will find a professional. If not I’ll be tearing down the plants. Catching the fish. Putting them in bags. And praying that they all survive the 90 minute trip and the other 2 hours plus it’ll take to put the aquariums back together. It’ll be harder then packing up the rest of the house and the most stressful. But. . We may find people that do this as part of a side business. Hopefully. . Lol
      Thank you

  2. Arianna set the tank up while i was working.
    She really did an awesome job.

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