The walking dead

I would have to agree that the world can be a mess, as in the show,  the walking dead.  Master is in love with it. It’s his one hour escape he looks forward to.  The show illustrates the falling apart of modern society but also the pulling together of individuals.

It’s like the bubble that we, Master vile and i, live in. He is my protector.  We have pulled together to create our world in the midst of chaos.

This isn’t to say that we are an island. We are not separated from society but live amongst it, In its throngs.  But i am cushioned from hard blows.  This is what our dynamic has given to me.

I know this is a short post.  The new episode just came on.  Lol.

Gotta go.


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One Response to The walking dead

  1. dievca says:

    No TV here — I will live vicariously through you (or maybe hula). Enjoy. XO

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