There are times that I’m an avid reader of fetlife and then I’ll go weeks without logging in. There are several reasons to that. If you’ve ever read groups on fetlife, they need to be taken with a grain of salt.  I often find that the masses are to politically correct and scared to actually offend anyone by telling them like it is. There are a lot of newbies and a lot of others giving advice when they really have no clue. If you post something and it comes across as the least bit offensive prepare for a massive bashing.

I’ve found that not many people are living together in a 24 / 7 power exchange relationship. Or they claim to be but their definition is soooo different then mine that it’s hard to take anything they say to heart.

So. .. You maybe asking yourself why I visit the site. Lol. It’s kind of like watching Jerry Springer. I watch and read so that i can feel like my life isn’t messed up like the others i read about. There is a lot of gossip.   Lol lots of drama and I can only take so much before i hit the X button.

I’m sure there are hidden gems in those massive piles of bullshit and for the chase I find myself logging in.

So if your a virgin to the site. It’s http://www.fetlife.com

You create an account and search groups. There’s a group for EVERY FETISH. I recommend using the site for finding local  events where you can actually get out and meet real people. If your solely a bdsm participant online you really aren’t getting the whole picture. Be safe. There are some freaky people out there. Present company excluded.  Lol.


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5 Responses to fetlife

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Fetlife. I haven’t registered because I’ve heard nothing but bad things about the site. But I’m definitely curious about it and feel it’s prob a good way to find groups in my area. I’m still thinking about it lol
    Have a good night Hun

  2. I agree. I use it for finding events and making friends (very limited on that count).

  3. Sexy Pea says:

    You are sooo right Arianna…definitely a place with no “filters.” I get in and get out quickly. xo

  4. BoPeep says:

    Yes, us too, we seem to be an anomaly both in our local group and in general on FL. I’m on to keep up with the events and seminars offered by our group, I don’t interact much with others there. Great post.

  5. dievca says:

    I used FetLife as a research tool amongst others in the beginning — and it did offer me a good number of chances to meet up f-t-f with a number of potential Doms (around 15).
    Master and I? Our first meeting was orchestrated through my search on FetLife. After we decided to move forward, we both put our information into hibernation. M wandered back on once and said that it is the same people, looking around and whining about the same things. I heard from a few people who wanted to be friends. But, I rarely use facebook and Fetlife even less.
    It did help connect Master and I, initially, and I felt relatively safe using the site.

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