Master may your property. ……

So I’m moving along with speaking in thirds and as the title says,  Master may your property,  is my most vocalized saying as of late. You see, this Slave had been speaking in thirds for the last several weeks while Master and I are together and apart,  out of the public ear. My phone has gotten used to me typing that phrase so it automatically picks up  Your Property as soon as I start to type it which saves time.

It’s a great gesture to my Master to continually acknowledge where his slaves head space is. And it’s a great reminder to myself that I am owned property which gives me cozies.  And cozies are what makes the world go round. Lol.

Well. .. it’s that awesome time of the evening where Master hears from his property,  “Master,  may I please suck your cock?”

Have an awesome night.


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6 Responses to Master may your property. ……

  1. Interesting perspective…
    My training started with “speaking in thirds” before anything else came in. It completely changes the inner discourse and eventually the mindset…
    “Master, may she/it suck Master’s cock?”

    Delight in Submission

  2. Hmmm.. this is very interesting! I’ve thought about this, we’ve discussed this on and off again over time.

    • vilesarianna says:

      It’s truly a mental change.
      Thank you for your comment.

      • Arianna,

        I bet! I’d very much like to hear more about this transition and how it is impacting you, Vile and your relationship.

        As I said, Master and I have discussed it a few times and I’m very curious & thoughtful about it.


      • vilesarianna says:

        Dear cami
        Speaking in thirds has required me to be vigilant every moment. Master Vile has been very patient as i develop a habit. Not sure if it’ll be internalized long term. But we shall see. It is hard to transition from work using “i” to home life using “your property”. I also find it strange to talk to my mom with Master Vile present because I’m then not using speaking in thirds. Seems strange. Lol.

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