The ceiling fan debacle

It’s funny that in the lifestyle There’s certain cues that others might pick up and subtle things that unless your paying attention those vanilla folk wouldn’t Bat an eye at.. Then there’s the blatant innuendos. This is a story of a shocked vanilla man whose world was rocked as the realization that this seemingly normal couple might be one of the kinkiest he’s encountered. 

The chain of events started with a phone call to our landlord. Hello?  Hello.  Yes we are worried about our kitchen fixture.  It seems to have some loose wires and keeps blowing bulbs. Could you please have Mark come by to take a look? 

That morning started out like so many others. We were staying on top of getting ready for our vanilla day with our usual micromanagement of myself.  The permissions needed. The picking out of my clothes. Etc. We knew that Mark, the property manager,  was coming around 10 am so Master had me clothed.  Around 10 we had a knock on the door.  Mark arrived. He’s very polite and social. We already had a relationship with him from various fixings around our house.  He quickly found the problem in the kitchen so we mentioned a few other things that needed to get done at some point but not in a big hurry.  There was a broken knob on our stove and then both bedroom ceiling fans chains were broken so that we couldn’t turn the lights on and off.  What surprised us was how quickly Mark got right to work on our requests.  He fixed the stove and moved to the office ceiling fan. I told him that the fans were not important but he insisted. Little did I realize the surprise awaiting him in our bedroom. 

Mark entered the bedroom and I was right behind him. He had to stand on the bed to get to the fan. I didn’t realize how much our bedroom was screaming kink until he had a birds eye view. I don’t think he comprehended things right away. As my mind slowly came to realize how blatant the kink was i started to do some recon.  Underneath our open tv stand there is a foldable fabric square box where we keep my restraints and misc. Toys. I didn’t realize that a restraint was looped over the edge of it and dangling in plain view. I stood in front of the tv and took my foot and slowly pushed the box back.  Hoping that he didn’t take notice. I started to laugh at myself. Thinking what a close call. As I got more comfortable with the fact that I saved myself from embarrassment Mark dropped a screw onto the floor. I quickly retrieved it and as i did I gasped. Under the side of the bed was my chain. Must be about 6 to 8 feet long. Pretty obvious BUT Mark was still on the bed so I handed him the screw and took a breath. Crisis averted Until another screw fell to the floor. …. Mark jumped down and got it. He paused. 6 inches from his face was the chain and the restraint.  He stood up smiling. Almost laughing but didn’t say a word. I knew then that he knew but I took comfort in the fact that he didn’t know our true dynamic UNTIL… I then remembered the Master/slave plaque on the wall next to the bed and another frame with my Slave number. Lol. ..

I couldn’t help myself. I almost rolled on the floor laughing. There was no getting around it. Mark finished his task and quickly left the bedroom. He was nice and the three of us made small talk fora few minutes before he departed.  It was an experience to remember. It still makes me smile.  

Thought I’d share.


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11 Responses to The ceiling fan debacle

  1. That was really a humorous morning. He was fumbling to find words to talk.

  2. dievca says:

    You almost have to step out of the house and then go back in the front door with a critical eye to catch things. Next time~ XO

  3. BoPeep says:

    Very funny! When we got back into our house after our renters left, I noticed one of our red ropes was lying in the closet. Oops…:)

  4. That is funny. In our world we have 3 teenagers in the home so the little permissions are seen and questioned. The fact that it call Him Daddy is questioned some times. They smile at it. The fact that I never order for myself has been noticed as well and even our oldest allowed her Dad to order for her today. ☺️
    It can be fun to see it from the vanilla perspective. We take it for granted. All the little things that make us feel safe and comfortable in our home.
    Thanks for sharing. ❤️

    • vilesarianna says:

      Very nice. Thank you for stopping by. I’m happy to hear that you were able to integrate things into your home with children. If done right I believe that it creates a healthy and safe environment for them. Kudos. 😉

  5. Jovana Luna says:


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