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Thursday thoughts

Beautiful and a great insight. Putting into words how I felt about relationships all along.

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my relaxation

My relaxation Comes in waves.  Ebbs and flows with energy expended.  All consuming escapes, memorable moments of nothingness. Mindless soul searching, unwavering thoughts of peace.    Silence.  Stretching out to the horizon expanding the experience of one’s existence.  Creating with … Continue reading

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Good morning Daddy

Originally posted on Babygirl's Corner:
Beautiful statement. I love it and so very true. Babygirl's Corner View original post

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submission time

I may turn a few heads but I don’t understand part time submission. I mean,  I guess I can understand bedroom kink and live an equal relationship outside the bedroom but I’m not quite on board with Part Time subs.  … Continue reading

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What I need in life, a partner and bdsm

This post is mainly in response to my Master Viles blog at the kinky world of vile posted today.   Needs and wants are totally different.  Most want to be able to spend money freely and have nice things. I … Continue reading

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speaking in thirds

This blog is an arena where I can be who I am.  I can share my experiences. Where I can contemplate my slavehood and write about my improvements and my submission to Master Vile.  Recently,  my Master has implemented a … Continue reading

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