wrapped around my finger?

Listening to some country on the way home from my parents house got me thinking.  Why is it that some men get so googoo eyed over women and other men take control and can act so calm and collected? 

I used to be the one to always control my vanilla relationships with just a flutter of my eye. Those men were at my Beck and call. My vanilla significant others handed the power over to me in almost anything because I had the pussy but meanwhile I started losing respect for them because they slowly were losing their masculinity due to their feelings. 

Now don’t get me wrong,  I love to feel loved but I need the man to act like a man. That means to me maybe something different than you. I need the man to take control,  make the decisions,  and have the confidence to perform in situations in a respected and Mature manner.  I don’t want the control. I’m a women and a natural Slave so by default I like a strong man that will not let me manipulate him because his wishy washy attitude to do all things just to appease me. I’m not going to leave a relationship because I didn’t get my way.  If anything I have the need to stay when I’m being led. If I lead myself then my happiness dissipates and I lose the ability to look up to my partner because their guidance disappears. 

I may be just rambling. I hope I made some sense.  When it boils down to it, i believe a man can be in love without letting himself be wrapped around her little finger. 

I know my Master has the control and for this I’m in it for life.  I love you. Master. Thank you for not being wrapped around my little finger.  

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7 Responses to wrapped around my finger?

  1. I agree that a man can love a woman without having her wrapped around his finger. Intersting post.


  2. Thank you Ariana for these words…Being in love does not equal losing control.
    In one of my readings I found this description of a MAN:
    “A man is honorable.  He is strong and full of integrity, he is possessed of self-control and restraint.  He is powerful, he is true to himself.  He is patient – tranquil, but is passionate and adamantine in determination.  He is loving, caring and gentle.  He is courageous.  He is confident.”
    ( http://loveandothermysteries.wordpress.com/)

  3. It really does not matter if vanilla or not, if slave or not…it goes down to character

  4. foxy says:

    Excellent post. I too usually have the upper hand in a relationship. The funny thing is- I always hated it. I love a man who is a man with all his dominant qualities and loves you without losing his backbone.

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