I am my Master’s slave

This title has actually been in my drafts on WordPress since Christmas. I had a few minutes so I’d thought I’d try and see what kind of blog formed out of it.

“I am my Master’s Slave. ”

That is so true if you think about it. If you were anything like me when I met Master Vile I was a bit of a blubbering mess. Spewing every aspect of my crazy life to Him in the hopes that He would accept me,  faults and all.  To my amazement,  He listened to my inner workings,  thoughts and fears.  His response to me was pretty much that I needed to be wiped clean.  I needed to forget what I had learned up to that point and allow Him to mold me into something more.

This is the point in time where all those questions that Submissives should ask a dominant would come into play. But I, being who I am, very trustingly, opened my heart and mind to Him and the training began.  There wasn’t actually physical training. It was very subtle changes.  Rules that were written so that I could slowly replace my destructive habits with healthy ones. Routines that enabled me to live in a structure which I desperately needed.  Each day was a new revelation of myself and the life that I was choosing to live. As time went by the rules became natural,  the structure became second nature and my trust and adoration grew.  Love began to blossom and I found myself not choosing to live as a Slave but my persona was dedicated to being Master Viles Slave.

My desires changed,  my dreams changed as I completely submerged my mind and soul towards a single goal, To be the best Slave of Master Vile I could be. This path has been extremely fulfilling.

As I look back over the past 2 years,  I am grateful.  I am in a much better place.  I have purpose and direction.  I have love and care.  I have a wonderful Master and I wouldn’t change a thing because I have become

My Master’s Slave




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8 Responses to I am my Master’s slave

  1. Wow very very nice. All good things do pay off.
    We have hit roadblocks but I stood fast and handle everything that was thrown our way.
    My purpose is you as well as my strength and I strive each day to make your life better.
    I love you.

  2. Very beautifully put

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  4. Reblogged this on thekinkyworldofvile and commented:
    From by beautiful wife and slave.

  5. Carrie says:

    The phrase, “My Master’s slave” is beautiful. Happy for you that the two of you found each other!

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