Our triad sex rule

This post is in response to a comment on my Masters blog,  The Kinky World Of Vile on May 4, 2014.

I understand your concern and questioning the feelings behind the rule that only the third can partake in sexual relations when both Master and alpha Slave is present while the married Master and Slave can partake without the third.

I have put myself as the third in a triad relationship prior to meeting Master Vile. In that dynamic, the sex rule was also in place. It was talked about from the beginning with only the possibility that it may change. My attitude of the beta was gratefulness. I was honored to be invited into that couples home and into their bed. I realized that they were the primary relationship and there was no jealousy on my part. I realized that the alpha was the wife and therefore had certain privileges that I may never attain. I was totally fine with that because they choose me and trusted me with their home and ending into the sanctity of their Union. They were under no obligation to do so and were open and honest with me right from the start. I admired their relationship and was careful not to come between their special bonding married time together.

So, if the third came into Our relationship with an attitude of gratitude, they may also understand that with the sanctity of marriage comes certain privileges. I am speaking from humble experience. Those privileges may never be attained but the third should never feel that they are not less cared for. They would be integrated into the relationship in every way. And in that security they can thrive.

5/14/2015 UPDATE:

To update, these were my thoughts and feelings at the time of this writing. I have come to understand that trust is a huge thing that greatly changes the above circumstance. Who’s to say that the above needs to be a rule. Would be for a stranger first coming into our bubble but should I really expect that it should stay that way forever and a day? That would be really selfish on my part and extremely limit the growth of all parties involved. Trust is a cornerstone and comes with time. Love is a feeling and an action, so love grows and the trust comes. So I’m not saying that my feelings a year ago weren’t valid but I am a person that cannot predict the future and certainly wouldn’t want to hinder the opportunity to explore different scenarios to fulfill the needs of the people involved.

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7 Responses to Our triad sex rule

  1. Dear Arianna,
    It’s a Delight to have finally connected with another Empowered Woman who has expressed Exactly how I felt when I was in a Triad situation. And that is Exactly what I am looking for within our marriage.
    Thank you, My Friend you have confirmed that what I desire in a Triad is possible with the “right person”.
    Your Friend,

    • vilesarianna says:

      Awesomeness. It pleases me to hear that.
      Thank you for the comment.

      • Dear Arianna,
        My Pleasure. This Resonated Deeply. Sometimes I Feel as if I’m the only one who Feels or has a particular Expectations that no one else does. I’m learning Very Quickly that I’m not the Only One who Wants, Desires, and has similar Needs to those within our community. Thank You for Expressing your Thoughts and Feelings.
        ~A 😊

  2. Miss Lizzy says:

    I don’t get why someone would question that.
    I don’t believe you should have to justify your life.

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