It’s early but late! !

Dear readers

For those of you who follow my Masters blog, the kinky world of vile,  you may be aware of some of the things I say. For those of you who don’t,  I’ll try to get you up to speed.

Right now I’m laying in Masters bed.  We are both playing on our phones. He is figuring out his intro music for his up and coming radio show and I’m blogging. Lol.

We had a discussion of my frequency of writing which is very sporadic and infrequent. Master Vile encourages me to express myself and writing/ journaling has always been an outlet. Although I do not share my sexual encounters with my Master,  I do give you an idea of how our M/s dynamic works.

Master Vile is very caring TO HIS OWN. Every single work day morning we both get up at 3:40 am. We drink or coffee together and then I leave for work at 4:35. I have an hour long commute.  Instead of Master going back to sleep he talks to me on the phone the whole way. This has been a constant everyday without fail. He really takes care of his own and for that I am grateful.

So even though it’s 8 pm and still early for most people,  in my world is actually getting late. Lol

My world. …I do enjoy the security and safety that I have by serving Master Vile. He protects me from the stressors of the world.

I am babbling. . Lol.  I’ve been doing a bit of that today. Master found it funny that I was being silly at dinner. You see its the two of us, no kids.  I work full time outside the home and I would love to be a stay at home slave but our current situation doesn’t allow that. So in essence I’m serving my Master by working.

I’m not sure about you but being a 24/7 Slave means there is always housework to be done. Master and I were discussing at dinner,  well I was blabbing at dinner,  about how I need to find ways to get organized about a cleaning schedule. I do what I can but it’s really hard to get to the non essential stuff. Someday wheni have endless energy. Lol

For those of you who are not slaves, life is life. Being my Masters Slave is work but it has a ton of rewards.

I welcome any questions or comments.  If it’s something more private I can be reached at


P.S. This one is going into the random ramblings category. Lol

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10 Responses to It’s early but late! !

  1. Arianna…. Always good to hear about your life with Sir Vile! My Sir and I try and live the lifestyle 24/7 or as best we can with two teenage children still living at home! I also work full time outside the house, and getting all the housework and laundry done is always a challenge for me. Luckily the kids help out with some of it!
    Keep writing, love hearing what you have to say!

    Hugs, Mynx

    • vilesarianna says:

      I applaud you for raising children. That in itself is a huge accomplishment. I, myself, made the decision not to have any mainly due to the fact that I truly don’t think with my conditions that I would be able to handle raising a child. I’ve been told though that women receive super human powers when they bear children. Didn’t want to take the chance that wonder woman didn’t occur for me. Thank you for visiting and for commenting.

  2. mel says:

    It is a battle, working full time, taking care of a man and a home. Adding kids to the mix makes it nearly impossible to keep up.
    Working sucks. But in today’s world, it seems almost impossible to live in a one income home.
    I envy the structure you have, Adrianna. But I’m sure it is extremely consuming.
    I will say, I have found that having a chore calendar helps stay organized. And if you do a little something, every day, it’s far easier to keep up.
    Don’t stop writing, though. It’s a pleasure to hear from Vile’s better half! Lol! 🙂

    • mel says:

      Excuse my auto-correct, please, Arianna… stupid dictionary! 🙂

    • vilesarianna says:

      I like your idea of a chore calendar. I’m afraid though I’ve tried it. I work outside and along with getting up early is impossible to predict how is going to affect me on a daily basis. Some days I feel normal but tired. Some days I’m pushing the b12 like it’s candy. Lol. It’s usually pretty hard for me to stay awake on the way home. When I get tired I get tired and easily overwhelmed. Some days just doing the normal needs to take priority like dinner and dishes and shower. Lol. That’s why adding kids for me would send my high trailing to the nearest corner screaming make the world go away.
      I do try. Like today I’m stopping at the grocery store, I hate doing, making dinner, which can be challenging, and laundry, just one load, plus Master asked to have the ceiling fan dusted above the bed. These are not something I have on my weekly list so by the time I get home and do these. It’s almost time for bed. Lol
      I applaud you for being a mommy.
      Wishing you strength and patience and a good night’s sleep. 😉
      Thank you.

  3. two words: house cleaner. When I was working and unbearably overwhelmed, we decided to hire a student to do basic cleaning. There’s just the two of us as well so it’s not like we needed her a lot. We hired her for four hours the first week and two for every week after. If I was feeling especially down and immobilized, I paid her an extra hour to fold laundry or do deeper cleaning. Saved my life. And I’m sooo not exaggerating. She lived close to us and we paid her $15/hr. She was good so I also referred her to friends and she got steady and pretty good pay for her work while she was going to school. $30 a week can make a significant difference in your well being, Arianna. Almost as effective as therapy. Lol. And cheaper too! Good luck. I know the feeling of really wanting to provide a clean home but not quite being able to. Cleaning schedules never worked for me either. 🙂
    P.S. The skill of self-reflection and awareness you have as a woman, wife, and slave already puts you ahead of the game if you were ever to change your mind about kids. You’d be a loving and wonderful mother.
    P.P.S. I’m super ambivalent about having kids for the same reason as you so I really shouldn’t talk.
    P.P.P.S. Now who’s babbling? 🙂

  4. I love how honest the two of you are about everything 😉 the cute silly side of every woman is fun and exciting 😉 and hearing that even a perfect slave like you has a hard time doing all the chores in the world makes me feel lots better 😉 because with my alpha and I put together we both have a hard time catching up. I hope You’re well sweetie!! We don’t get to see your posts often but when we do, it’s always a treat

    • vilesarianna says:

      Thank you so much. Yes even being the Slave to the world famous Master Vile 😉
      Its still doing the everyday stuff like work, bills and chores. The Unglorified tasks that make the relationship run smoothly is often over looked in the zealous newbies eyes. But as anyone in the lifestyle for a period of time realizes that in those small moments sometimes are the most influential aspects of our lives and how we view ourselves. I am a servant to One and in that simple realization one can experience freedom and subtle revelations that I am important and no one else can fulfill my Masters desires in the same way.
      That insight gives me great satisfaction.

      Thank you for reading.

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