my triad take

Dear readers,

There has been some deep discussion on my Masters blog about forming a triad.  Very interesting and thought provoking comments. Although I wanted to comment on his latest post,  I thought that it would only be fair to give my response its own blog.

Although we are not aggressively searching we have been discussing and considering different scenarios. Could this work and still maintain our deep commitment to honest communication and love and obedience that we have in our dynamic?  Certainly.  Deep down do I need it?  Possibly. Although I have no problem living my life with Master Vile with just the two of us. This decision is not a must nor I believe a need. It is a possibility that we are entertaining.

In our search there had been a lot of open communication from the both of us. Master Viles priority is to keep my needs in check and not to cause any stress to our little bubble.

So why have I brought the idea up? Maybe it’s solely selfish although I believe all parties involved would benefit. It has to be the right person. They don’t have to fit into a mold but they do have to have a mutual connection with me. I’m an emotional person meaning Although I try to think rationally, my thoughts are mainly based upon how I feel. Now,  Master vile on the other hand is very rational as most men are, I believe. He has the arduous job of keeping me in check even when I think I’m making perfect sense I’m normally missing a key element in the equation because I’m influenced by my emotions.

Ok. I went off on a tangent.  I’ve been a beta female to a married couple just prior to meeting Master Vile.  I had a lot of fun with the female. We clicked. Well as much as we could but the triad thing was her husband’s idea and she wanted to please.

I’m not one to have a girl friend. I’ve never been that type. Always on the outside looking into the groups of women.  The thing is I don’t share a lot of commonality with women so it’ll take a very,  I hate to use the word special,  special woman to fill that slot. If it even can be filled.

I’m a possessive slave. As much as property can be. I like my bubble.I’m ready to explore but only commit if there is a connection.

Our recent Slave we were considering was great but I felt like I was trying to hard to connect.  There were differences in personality and commonality.  Ultimately we decided that it wouldn’t be fair to any involved if we continued to move forward when the sisterly connection wasn’t there. Although she will continue to be a friend.

So.  I’m not sure if I really answered any of your questions or just confused more people. Lol

The thing is. We are considering the triad idea to see if we can enhance what Master Vile and I share.  We will only know as things unfold. There’s really no way to tell right now. We can only make the best decision we can based on what we know. This is a team effort. And I’m so grateful that I get to be involved.

Thank you. Master Vile.


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8 Responses to my triad take

  1. littlesusieq says:

    Thank you for sharing your insights with us.
    Cowboys susie q

  2. Dearest Arianna,
    I think it’s Awesome what You and Master Vile are choosing to do within your relationship.
    I believe the “Right” person will present themselves to You, and You will know and feel it right away.
    I Wish You All The Very Best On Your Journey.
    Anastasia 😊

  3. I hope the best for you sweetie!!! My alpha is my bestie and my sister ❤ I love her dearly and we both love Daddy very much!! I only hope you'll find that special woman when she comes knockin 😉

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