To title or not to title: the ultimate question

Dear readers.
What are titles?  I believe they are compartmentalizations. They are defining words that keep us in check unbeknownst to us or not. Are they limiting?
That depends on your perception of yourself.
We grow in and out of titles and add and subtract them according to life circumstances. Do we need them?

What do we need to thrive?  Direction?
Guidance?  Or the freedom of undefinable expression? 
Some of us need the safety that titles give us. While some find themselves to be restricted by them. Which category do you fall into?  Well isn’t that a title in and of itself? 

So how does one become free of titles if one wants to? I don’t think that there’s a recipe that fits all but I do believe we are not who we think we are. Because who is it that thinks?  Isn’t there an intellectual being behind the thoughts?  The one who is aware of its existence. That is not defined by normal descriptions but is that little knowing behind our thoughts.
This would be the ultimate expression. To understand and acknowledge the intelligence behind our thoughts.  The one who analyzes what we are thinking. That intelligence is indescribable.

That is where our human mystery begins.
Enjoy the ride.



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20 Responses to To title or not to title: the ultimate question

  1. Alexandrea Ward says:

    This is so true. I was just talking about this with my classmates last night.

    • vilesarianna says:

      This is actually covered extensively in the book, ” the power of now” by eckhart tolle

      • Alexandrea Ward says:

        Thank you for the book suggestion. I love to read and I’ve heard mention of this author before.

      • vilesarianna says:

        No problem. He’s an awesome author. Very thought provoking and can Change your life perception but in a truly positive non denominational way. Thanks for visiting.   

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  2. Wow very nice very deep. Thank you for sharing it’s been a while

  3. LittleBoPeep says:

    A Very Wise Dom once reassured me to free myself of a title and be what I needed to be, regardless of the label. This is excellent, thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on thekinkyworldofvile and commented:
    This was my beautiful wife and slaves thought for the day.

  5. Dear Arianna,
    Excellent Post!
    Anastasia 😊

  6. I really love the authenticity of your posts. Almost as much as I love the writings of Eckhart Tolle. 😉 I do yoga from the Eckhart Yoga channel on you tube. And I have no idea if he endorses it , but I still think you might love it. Namaste, girlfriend.

  7. Miss Lizzy says:

    Thinking about what you’ve just said I think the restriction people feel when given a title comes from trying to fit into the generic form of titles.
    For some of use we just need to make our own title regardless of what others think.

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