January Mast Meeting

I have to say, I do love attending MasT meetings.

If your not familiar, I highly recommend them. They are usually held once a month and they are chapters of a national organization called Masters and slaves Together. MasT. That’s only for the U.S. though. I believe.

I attended with Master Vile and we were two of about 14 people. It was very lively conversation. Everyone participated and we got off topic several times. The topic formulated around questions such as how can a slave reinforce the Master’s position In a TPE relationship. As always, Master and myself were signaled out and everyone wanted to know what we thought. I think that’s mainly due to the fact that we are one of a few couples in a 24/7 TPE relationship and Master Vile is much respected in the community. There could also be another explanation, maybe, people are wanting to find a flaw in our TPE relationship. Something that they could gossip about but i’d like to believe the former instead of the latter.

My belief about maintaining a 24/7 relationship and not allowing vanilla to creep in is open communication and respect. I would never raise my voice to my Master and he has never risen his voice to me. Also, it’s always foremost in my mind that I am His slave no matter if I feel it or not. Its actually in those times that I don’t feel like doing something that the Power Exchange is reinforced. Not that I normally don’t enjoy it but sometimes some things get redundant. And because I am owned property I continue to do those things even if they become more task orientated. One must also understand that relationships ebb and flow. Some days the feeling of slavehood brings cozies while other days the feeling of being a slave are not  the most comfortable but I am eternally grateful and also internally enslaved. Meaning, that no matter how I feel there is a life long commitment that will be maintained. Once a slave, always a slave. Of course, unless the Master starts to perform something illegal or abusive. I am certainly not condoning those behaviors.

But that may be a difference between the submissive who continually submits and a slave who submits once.

There is a lot of communication and Master Vile is always asking me what’s on my mind because he genuinely wants to get in my head. The more that happens the greater power he maintains. It’s also my responsibility to continue to let him in. If I should ever stop, the demise of the relationship would fall on no one except myself. It falls on each member of a TPE to continue to care about maintaining the relationship. It’s up to the Master to remain consistent with consequences if the slave should break a rule or not follow through. Once that consistency disappears so does the TPE because the slave would eventually start to slack because there are no consequences.

Those were some of the points that Master and myself pointed out to the others. Of course there were other things that were discussed as the conversation became pretty lively at times. Master and I are also in the minority in the fact that are relationship is monogamous and he is not looking for any additional slaves. For those who attended, it’s not uncommon for the Master to be actively seeking others.

I was actually in a poly relationship right before meeting Master Vile. It was not working for me. It’s really hard for me to not get another’s full undivided attention no matter how much I liked both parties involved, I was the one who slept alone. I was the one that had to wait to be called upon and put my life on hold with the hopes that the phone would ring and one of them would want to spend time with me. I was just a weekend play thing and desperately needed attention. It was a god send that Master found me when he did because my self esteem was taking a nose dive. I was beginning to feel like an object because they didn’t understand that I had feelings and needs that were not getting met. I don’t believe that I could have ever flourished in that type of environment. So, it’s not my favorite thing to think about. It was a time of heart break.

When Master Vile and I got together, I was under the impression that all Master’s had the right to get another slave if they wanted, no matter what detrimental affect it would have on the primary slave. He asked me about it and I responded that it was whatever He wanted. Little did I understand at that point, that it’s the Masters responsibility to take care of HIs own not only physically but emotionally. I had also, been in a Master/slave relationship earlier that year where I was a play thing but little was realized by that ex-Master just how unhappy I was becoming. He was constantly looking for additional slaves to create a harem. I felt like I would never be enough for a Master. I was becoming more and more under the wrong impression of BDSM.

So, after that experience and then the non-bdsm poly experience, I was becoming pretty disenchanted that I would ever come into a relationship where I would be number one. That all changed when I met Master Vile. He truly took an interest in me and immediately took my out of control life and put me on track. A track that included being HIs slave. So here we are over a year later, and things are good. We are still communicating and still learning. And I think this is what others in the community find so fascinating.

We did not start off vanilla and move into our power exchange. I was looking for a Master and not a dominant and Master Vile was looking for a slave and not a submissive. It was the qualities of a Master that drew me to Him and vice versa. We found out secondly that we were also vanilla compatible. Which we were extremely lucky to strike compatability on both ends of the spectrum. I highly encourage that others get involved in the local bdsm community. Its a great way to set up a support system and gain It’s also an excellent way to weed through the wannabe Doms and secretly seeking Doms that are married .I wouldn’t be with someone now that wasn’t known in the community because I don’t want to be hidden. And that is another reason why I so much look forward to attending the MasT meetings. I get to see old friends and make new ones. Friends that know the most important thing about me. I am a slave..

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8 Responses to January Mast Meeting

  1. Dear Arianna,
    Thank you so much for sharing you P.O.V., and previous experiences with us. I appreciate having both perspectives of 24/7 TPE M/s relationship. I have such a Deep Respect for Master Vile & You.
    Your Friend,

  2. Miss Lizzy says:

    I just noticed something. You both have very similar writing styles.
    You are really in sinc with each other.

  3. LittleBoPeep says:

    Arianna, this is a great perspective. My Sir and I have talked about this, but he told me that I am his prized posession and he wouldn’t let me be used as a toy. I would be a submissive in any arrrangement. He also told me that my willingness to consent to a third was all he needed to hear. I don’t see it happening for us, because we meet each other’s needs. I appreciate your openness about this sensitive subject.

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