The Dying Art of Touching

The Dying Art of Touching.

Coming from a family of very limited touching I can appreciate this article. It is something that wasn’t learned for me so it’s a conscience effort to remember how awesome touching can be. I do enjoy giving and receiving although the receiving is only welcomed from my Master because I’m sensitive to it,  if that makes sense.  I have a large personal space which I don’t Like others in unless I’m “with” them. so right now and for the foreseeable future Master is my only primary touching facilitator. 🙂

Hopefully that didn’t come across as harsh. I dont mean it to be stuck up.

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9 Responses to The Dying Art of Touching

  1. oceanswater says:

    That’s setting good healthy boundaries for you. That’s all that matters. Merry Christmas!

  2. Dearest Arianna,
    No not at all. I too feel similar. As @oceanswater said it best: Healthy Boundaries is all that matters.
    Your Friend,

  3. littlebopeep12 says:

    I am from a family who didn’t touch much either, but I crave it, I will do nearly anything to be touched, caressed, petted. I am in heaven at Sir’s feet if he is running his hands through my hair or in bed when he spreads my legs and just plays with my body.

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