I am my Master’s slave

“To be thrilled at the touch of leather, aroused by the sound of harsh words, or satisfied by the security of rigid bondage is the mark of a lover. To be thrilled at the opportunity to provide useful service, aroused by a pleased nod, and satisfied by the proverbial job well done is the mark of a slave.”
The Marketplace, Chapter 7, by Laura Antoniou writing as Sara Adamson

I love this quote. I’m not a masochist and I’m fortunate that even though Master Vile has sadistic tendencies he realizes that I’m not into pain.

I get my pleasure from giving him pleasure. Be it domestic or sexual. I get my most slavish feeling when he uses me as a footstool. And I can suck on his toes. Wow. That’s such a huge turn on. I feel lower than him and in this I thrive. I don’t want to be the boss. I’m perfectly content with following rules. I excel with structure and consistency.

I am my Master’s slave. And that is the best Christmas present of all.

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7 Responses to I am my Master’s slave

  1. Alexandrea Ward says:


  2. I love the clarity and grace of your words

  3. Luna says:

    I am different in that I am a bit of a masochist, which suits Sir and i perfectly still, i so get what you are saying. I derive a great deal of pleasure when I hear those words “good girl” or when I see that very happy grin Master wears when I’ve pleased Him. Love and cherish that more than anything else. Christmas, as well as other holidays, can feel extra special when you get to share them with someone you not only love deeply, but also someone who encourages you to be who you truly are. Merry Christmas!

  4. Dearest Arianna,
    Deeply Touching…
    Your Friend,
    Anastasia 😊

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