Last Friday Night

As we walked through the doors, all heads turned to us. What were they thinking as the stares darted from him to me. There has to be some kind of connection. Most of the room was empty save for the men at the bar. There were about 5 of them and silence wafted through until we took our seats. Then the low mumblings continued as conversations picked up from where they left off.

As we got comfortable with our new surroundings, things seemed to fade into the background as His eyes met mine and a smile beamed across His face. Yes, he was happy that our entrance was noticed and even happier that the others could only dream about what He had. I sat cross legged with my skirt hiking up even higher exposing more of my pink tights that hugged my ass and made a smooth  silhouette of my curves.

It wasn’t long before I noticed a digital jute box on the opposite side of the room. The urge to fill the emptiness of the place began to consume me with the same fervor as the intoxicating drink that was being ingested. I slid off of my stool and gracefully made my way, noticing the turned heads as the men soaked in the sight of my short jean skirt and high heeled boots. The jute box was filled with thousands of selections but I knew that He would enjoy a certain artist that was tattooed onto Him and so click I went. I didn’t even make it back to my seat before the beat saturate the bar. My body instinctively relaxed and fell into the rhythm of Sweet Home Alabama by Lynrd Skynrd.

After eating, and having the drink that made me a little tipsy, I began to feel a certain heat in my special place discreetly hidden between my legs. Yes, the want was there. The need to feel Him deep inside of me. The need to be taken and consumed by the dominating power that He has. The ride home was filled with expectations as my mind wandered into many different fantasies.

Once inside the bedroom I stripped and stood exposed for His eyes to Take me in. I didn’t feel the least bit of trepidation as I crawled onto the bed towards His naked body. The first thing was to take His manliness into my mouth and suckle it slowly. The relaxed inhibitions had my mind solely focused on the present and again, the world faded away and it was only Him receiving my undivided attention. Soon, I found myself sucking faster and faster wanting Him to reach the orgasm. But before I knew it, my hair was pulled into the direction that placed my body next to His and I  instinctively laid on my back and spread for Him. The entrance into my heated and wet pussy was full and complete. I was lost in the feeling of utter ecstasy as He overtook me. The climax was only after a connection of both physical and mental beings became one with each other. He finished and rolled of me, both out of breathe and glowing with the aftermath of orgasm. Soon it was time for sleep but not before He looked into my deep brown eyes and said, Goodnight baby girl.

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