My dragon


I love this pic. To me it describes the essence of my relationship with my Master. He is a Dragon only letting me so the inner workings. He can breathe fire and be totally intimating but to me he is gentle and handles his property with great care.
And I am the little fairy, naked and exposed but still curious and courageous to face my fears.

Together we are an unlikely pair but we also make for an awesome and thought provoking picture. We are a match and I adore the tough skin and the ruggedness of Him. And he adores the  delicateness of me.

I really love this pic.

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8 Responses to My dragon

  1. such imagery depicts many of the interactions we participate in during our lives

  2. I sense your presence even before you’ve made it known. my gaze is directed to you, no matter where you go. hands reaching out gingerly, timid. Hoping you’ll be my hero.

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