Miss Congeniality

First of all, I love the movie with Sandra Bullock. I believe it was one of her best. I said one of them. Lol. She has many awesome acting parts. I totally admire her humor. And she’s beautiful.

Anyway. 😉
I’ll try and relate this all to the bdsm community. Which doesn’t necessarily mean sex. Actually, I would say that in my Master/slave relationship, sex is not the priority. In our TPE, total power exchange relationship sex is awesome hehe but it’s not the concentration. The transfer of power and submission is what makes me complete.

And I have a stage that is all mine where I can be who I am and respected because of it. My concentration is to please my Master and his concentration is me. It’s a win win situation. I am the secondary in the relationship and he is the head honcho. He is my leader and I follow utterly and completely.

So let me get back on track. Congeniality is defined as
agreeable, suitable, or pleasing in nature or character:congenial surroundings.  2.suited or adapted in spirit, feeling, temper, etc.; compatible:a congenial couple.

Now doesn’t that suit a sub and slave. We are there to be agreeable and pleasing to our Dom. We are there to make our fearless leader comfortable and happy. I think the definition fits us perfectly. It’s something to strive for each and every second.

I think we would do much better if we each could become a miss Congeniality each and every every day.
And by the way. The movie is awesome.

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6 Responses to Miss Congeniality

  1. hissierra9 says:

    You think I’m gorgeous……you want to kissss meeee…….

  2. Wow I fucking like this. The only thing is you are much hotter than Sandra Bullock by far.
    You are an awesome wife and slave.
    I love you.

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