Good evening. I thought that I would blog a little about permission and what that means in my relationship to Master Vile.

First of all, I am a no rights slave which means that I inherently only have the rights allowed by my Master. All my rights were given to him at the beginning of our relationship and I only have rights that were decidedly given back to me by Him.

In essence, this means that I ask for permission to do everyday things that most take for granted. I am also micromanaged so I ask for permission for things like going to the bathroom, when to take a shower and everyday movements. I need permission to sit on any furniture or to enter the bed. This includes even when Master is not home. Although there are some inherent safe guards for when He is not present.

I keep a journal of all my activities when Master is not home and time it took for each task or activity. I also log my time and mileage when I leave the house. I would never think about running an errand or leaving the house unless Master knew. He is kept informed through texting and phone calls but mainly by text.

I have some given rights for my job. I’m allowed to make job related decisions but I do keep him up to date of my activities at work when I can. I also keep him abreast of breakfast and lunch menu options and then he can decide what he would like me to eat although with my line of work sometimes it doesn’t allow me a standard time to eat.

There are some daily tasks that I enjoy doing including getting the coffee ready for the following morning, laying His clothes or for Him, preparing nice cold water for his nightstand, and greeting him at the door when he comes home. I also remove his shoes and socks and dry him off after his shower.

I do love and care for Master Vile and he loves and cares for me.
He truly walks the talk and just doesn’t blow smoke up your ass. He truly cares about other subs and slaves. I feel truly honored that I am his.

I do welcome any questions. Have a good night. Or morning depending on when you read this.

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9 Responses to Permission

  1. Miss Lizzy says:

    Sleep well Arianna.
    You both give me food for thought

  2. Very nice pet I’ll be home soon.
    Love you

  3. Dearest Arianna,
    I Appreciate You sharing your relationship dynamics with Me. You and Vile have a Deep Loving Connection, that is Cherished.
    Your Friend,

  4. His kajira says:

    There was a time when I would have been utterly confused by doing things this way. Not judgmental or condescending, just confused… Funny how drastically life and one’s perspective can change. I am given certain allowances due to my ADD (it’s very difficult for me to switch gears constantly) and when it comes to time w my children from my previous marriage. But outside of those two things I am expected to request permission and update Sir regularly. I don’t text Him to ask for permission to get coffee on my way to the diner. I sit at home and wait till permission is granted. I enjoy and thrive on my submission to Him. And I’m eager for the day we can enjoy daily life together.

    I’m enjoying your blog very much. Thank you 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on thekinkyworldofvile and commented:
    More words from my wife and slave

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