Your Gonna Hear Me Roar

I wanted to grab your attention with Katy Perry’s song title. Which has been massively over played recently. At least in pop music. I loved it for the first one hundred times but now I find myself switching channels when its played. Lol

Anyways, that has not much to do with what I want to talk about.

My Master has mentioned in his blog before that he and I do not argue. This is true but may not be the case for all master/slave relationships but it should be. I think the key factor is trust. Total trust and total power exchange. For to do anything less woukd then not be considered a TPE, total power exchange relationship. I know I might have just upset some of you and that certainly is not my intention.
What is my intention is to make you think.
Think about what arguing is about. Its about who may be right and who is wrong. Its about voicing ones opinion, albeit forcefully. Its about communication without listening. Now before jumping to an immediate conclusion let’s break an argument down to its basic level.
Im right, your wrong. If you are the slave in a TPE then you have relinquished the right to be right.  You are now property without rights save for what has been given back to you. So, in essence, you must trust your owner completely that he knows whats best for your life.
This is not to say that there should not be open communication, because that should be the foundation of the relationship but one must remember the true meaning of a TPE. TOTAL power exchange. Tpe does not hapoen only when it feels good. Tpe happens in those moments of uncertainty when you close your eyes and hope for the best because your owner just made a decision that could potentially turn out to have less desirable consequences. But that’s one of the lovely things about submitting utterly and completely. You are not at fault in those times. You can stay back from the battlefield and lick your masters wounds when he gets hurt. You are there for support and to encourage.

I may be rambling and I may not be in tune with what a submissive goes through but I am a tpe slave. Its hard for me to comprehend any other type of part time submission.

Trust is a huge factor. So is letting go of one’s ego. Ego can be detrimental in a tpe relationship. Ego in the sense of needing to having the mind stroked. Needing to be right.  Needubg to have life work according to your own plan. Needing to have to be in control.

I believe that its natural for humans to want to control certain outcomes. Its natural to want to obtain as much happiness as possible. And for some relinquishing that power to choose may be too much to give up. I am by no means better than a submissive or a non tpe slave. I am doing what I live for. Giving total control to someone else and trust that the control will not be mishandled. This is a big deal. Not to be taken lightly. Much consideration should given to choosing ones owner. For me, this happened quickly. I was shown through communication and actions that my Master Vile walked the talk. Whats funny looking back is that I was unaware of his blog when we first met. If I was a reader I would have felt a lot more pressure than I did. I’ve come to realize that he has a lot of wise things to say. I feel so honored that out of so many choices he choose me. Its like winning the blue ribbon in a race that you didnt even train for. I did not realize at the time how much effort was put into his search. Wow. Im the one. Woohoo.

Im getting way off track here. But that sense of awe is part of what makes it easy to give him all my desires and trust in making decisions. 

I just hope that some day each of you will find the same.

Until next time.

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2 Responses to Your Gonna Hear Me Roar

  1. This is what I have been talking about for so long. These are the feelings I want every submissive or slave to experience

  2. I know you wrote this last year, but I love this now that I fully understand what it means to be a slave. And I couldn’t be happier :).

    I know exactly what you mean. Sir and I had a few misunderstandings in the beginning of our M/s relationship. But that was a lack of communication. We don’t argue because I trust he knows what’s best and don’t question him. Communication and trust are the key. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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